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Opinions of Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

Shut up Mr. NDC President

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Other than the vituperations blended in sore sarcasm and served on a bogus platter of nonsense, Mr President, there is little competence that can be attributed to the governance of your regime.

In fact, so despicable have been your assertions that even the little child in the remotest village knows that John Mahama is a name synonymous with belligerent failure.

Let me say that the show of verbal muscle that you seem to have developed in light of the very few so-called achievements is a mere mirage. It was the same YOU who stated that the construction of roads is not a measure of success for any government, so the paltry few that you have managed can best be described as banal.

It was the same YOU who labelled President Kufuor’s government as incompetent in the campaign towards the 2008 elections, were you a president then to know what it was like to be one?

Have you not, on many occasions, commented on different issues relative to different professions, like economy? But do you belong to those professions or are you an economist? When you have a fine brained gentleman as Dr Bawumia, who would not stoop low to spew the nonsense that you do in public, shouldn’t you feel blessed to learn from him? And you taunt him by saying that you will not take such criticism except from people who know what is like to be President, or Ghanaians. You have succeeded in the one thing you know best, Sir, and that is making your Excellency the laughing stock of the nation.

If Dr Bawumia and H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo cannot criticise your incompetence except Ghanaians, are they not Ghanaians? Or do 25 million Ghanaians know what is like to be President such that they are given that licence to do so.

Sometimes, to shut up is to do the nation a favour, and yourself a lot of salvation. How, then, do you want Ghanaians to rate your abysmal performance over the 7 years since the nation was plagued by your incumbency? How about we start listing your negative achievements against positive ones:

Negative Achievements:
Dumsor – ever perpetual; NHIS – DEAD; Fuel – in a crescendo in spite of the cheap price of crude oil; Electricity and water tariffs – up by over 500%; Roads – death traps; Schools – appreciated from Mangoase to Kubease (from under the mango tree to under the coconut tree; Borrowing – over 40 billion dollars in 7 years as against 8 billion over 51 years since independence; School feeding programme – gone with the wind; Local industries – killed (recently you ordered wax print from China and denied the local industries the benefit of such an order; you imported sanitary pads to distribute to school girls instead of supporting Feytex, our local pad manufacturer); your ministers have enriched themselves in all sorts of dubious manner; STL has over 3 billion Dollars in contracts under their sister company’s name Amandi as a thank you for rigging 2012 elections; Woyome is on the loose with 51 million cedis of the nation’s money and isofotone; Agambire is swimming in hundreds of millions of dollars for projects that never materialised; Ruby Ametepe, aka Ruby Mahama, is on her way back, it is said, to continue her prison sentence in your bosom; State Terrorism has resurfaced after President Kufuor cancelled it from our lives when he took over from Boom Boom Rawlings; SADA was (is) a money syphoning agency for the enrichment of your cohorts; Gyeeda remains as SADA, and the list is endless; Your brother Ibrahim controls the contracts in Ghana, it is said, and he has assumed the position of second President of your Create, Loot and Share government.

Positive Achievements:
Mounting of new traffic lights quite unnecessarily, draining the purse of the nation; a few solar road lights most of which do not work; but they are good cosmetics; eem, err, hmmm, eiish what else, what else…nothing comes to mind.
And you have the effrontery to stand before the nation in a shameless attempt at making the goat look like a saviour, MY GOD!

If I were you, I’d do the honourable thing and SHUT UP!!!