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Opinions of Sunday, 14 January 2018

Columnist: Seth Bonsu

‘Shithole’ countries

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The nuclear bomb word "shit hole" has been used by the President of the United States on Haiti and African countries. This is not a weapon but a word of mass destruction and salty into the bargain. These disparaging comments should be condemned by all African Presidents and people who care.

No reasonable person must appear unfazed with what has happened. Enough is enough from this man called Donald Trump. It seems the President sees himself and his family as the only people in the world who have the right to breathe God's free air.

Mr, Trump must apologize to both the American people and all the countries he wantonly and carelessly denigrated. Everybody knows that Trump's speeches are always replete with racism just because he is simply not in tune with what America is about. He had always been allowed to villify African countries and gotten away with it on every single occasion.

This kind of elitist comments fly in the face of America's values. America is so special because it gives opportunities to people, the best and brightest in the world irrespective of where they come from. There is no other word any straight forward person can use for Mr, Trump but "racist".

Let's not sweep this under the carpet nor dance around it that independent countries are "shit holes" just because they are not white and don't come from a special area on the world map.

If the President thinks the people he used these unprintable words on them have not in any way contributed to the betterment of the US then he is simply ignorant. Africans eke out their living the hard way and do not rely on state or federal grants which they know they don't qualify for.

The AU, South Africa, Senegal and Botswana Presidents have all responded Mr, Trump on this in equal measure. What are the other African Presidents waiting for.? They should know that "if you are afraid of something, you give it power over you". I pause for a reply.

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