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Opinions of Sunday, 25 September 2011

Columnist: Danesi, Ismail A

Shine Your Eyes The Masses

“Although Samia Yaba Christina Nkrumah has said the possibility of a merger with NDC is not even being considered by CPP, merger-friendly musings by leading progressives, including this writer, reignited the debate for a coalition that is gaining ground among the supporters of CPP, NDC, PNC and GCPP nationwide.”,%20Peter
The above is a piece by Jeffrey Peters on Monday 19th September 2011. It reminds me of what I have been trying to tell our peoples for quite some time. What we have failed to understand is the fact that the west do not really care about Africa. When they praise us, that should throw up a signal asking you to look again and double check. When they give you kudos, it means you are doing what is detrimental to your cause! When they lambast you, it means you are doing something that is good for you and your peoples!
I have seen first-hand how these peoples operate. I have had the opportunity to also challenge them and at the end of the day, I was blacklisted, even accused that I wanted to form an extremist black hating, bigot of a political party, despite the fact I am a black man! Can you believe the hierarchy believed this nonsense and I was suspended from the party! A black man setting up a branch of the much hated racist party in my constituency; how unbelievable that was, but they used it as a reason to suspend me; because I had the decency to support my constituents on a mega project coming into the community, which the hierarchy wanted somewhere else! So when this peoples tell us our democracy is great, that should be a signal to us that we are doing something WRONG!
The sole purpose of their political system is to DIVIDE & RULE. They have not got anything to divide them initially until they introduced religion. I am sure some of you will still remember the situation in the UK between the Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland. In England, Scotland and Wales, the divide is Them (land owners) and Us (working classes). Later, another dimension was added when the blacks started coming into the UK; the politics of Racism! This is the system they have forced on us and we have accepted it hook line and sinker! Those that dared to reject it were either assassinated or deposed from power! If they did not do any of this, they put a sanction on them and try to bring them to their knees! They tried that with JJR hence he capitulated in order to have foreign investments in Ghana because he cared for the peoples of Ghana!
We have always been divided before these peoples came to our shores! We fought wars because of this division and the Arabs and Whiteys capitalised on this later by buying the captive warriors as slaves. When the Whiteys realised they could overwhelm us with their superior weaponry, they then became the captors of all; and that started the trans-Atlantic slave trade!
We already had these natural divisions by tribes, customs, and languages and yet, we have allowed, voluntarily I must say; no, not true, with some arm twisting, to take on board the western system of democracy that was created to divide! Having read the article, I realised that what I have been saying and writing about is actually the path to our salvation! Here comes someone else now espousing the need for all the political parties to come together as ONE for the good of the peoples of Ghana! We do not need any more divisions since we already have many in tongues, cultures, traditions and imported religions, so why do we need another one in MULTI-PARTY SYSTEM OF DEMOCRACY?
Peoples have been brainwashed to believe that ONE PARTY DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM IS NOT DEMOCRACY! Lenin once told the west that in Communism, they had more democracy than their multi-party system. His reason for saying that was because they had elections every year to elect officials of the Communist Party in every region of the old USSR. And when they went to Congress, all delegates have had to have had resolutions passed by the masses that were to be tabled at Congress. And it was at Congress that the Party’s hierarchy had to take policy approved by the delegates from all over the country! As an example in the so called western democracy, the masses were not consulted before their government went to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and then Libya! In a true democracy, the peoples should have been consulted before their government went to war!
What has happened is that governments have replaced the Monarchs as the RULER; forget voting and what not, since they also decide when that is held! If what Peter Jeffrey wrote in his article is correct, that majority wants a UNITED PARTY OF THE MASSES (COALITION), it means the light is beginning to shine through the tunnel and some of us are beginning to see it coming through!
As the Western government and press would want you to believe, a Single Party System does not mean there is NO OPPOSITION! There is always opposition in a single party just as we have seen recently with Nana Konadu Rawlings in the NDC. This is how a One Party System will operate. There will be challenges for every position; for every policy; and for every action in the party. After all the arguing, everything will be put to the vote and the OUTCOME WILL BE BIDING ON EVERY MEMBER! This is how it is in the NDC, CPP, NPP, Democratic Party, Republican Party, Labour Party, etc! In a Single Party System, the same will apply. If any one tells you a One Party System will only produce Dictators is a LIER because Elections are held in the Single Party to elect the leaders and Cabinet Members by a fair and transparent process, conducted by the Electoral Commission.
We should not waste the resources we need for development in conducting electoral process dictated to us by the West! We are not the same; we are different; we have diversities; and we have heritages hence we must stop this division and come together as One for the future of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren! We MUST shine our eyes, Emancipate our minds; free ourselves from the embedded slavery mentality because only ourselves can free OUR MINDS! Please come together for the next elections as ONE! Let us experience what true INDEPENDENCE is by freeing our minds, severing the invincible colonial mentality umbilical cord and be true AFRICANS; the way we were before we were subjugated and brainwashed to believe EVERYTHING FOREIGN IS BETTER THAN US AND WHAT WE HAVE GOT! FREE YOUR MINDS AND LET THEM EXPERIENCE THE TALENTS WITHIN!

Ismail Danesi