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Opinions of Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Columnist: Alert Ghana

Shamelessness and Egotism: The Bane of a Criminal Party

So who is this shameless Omane Boamah? This braggart seems to have lost every shred of dignity that he had; or did he possess any?
When a young charlatan insults elders, it is indicative of a lack of proper upbringing. Would it be proper to say that Omane Boamah’s parents and elders were, and are, just as useless as he is in their idiocy that they did not instil in him the basics of decorum? Well, then again, they must have been lacking in any of such qualities if they were charlatans as he is. It goes to say that children are a rebirth of their parents and a mirror reflection of their characters. Given that this rule holds, then Omane Boamah’s character cannot but be a reflection of the home that he belongs to; and I dare say that it is likely a home of mischievous quacks hat have no respect for humanity and can afford this nation no gain.
I am particularly vexed with his senselessness, which he gladly exhibits over the airwaves. A clown by all proportions, he should be made to account for whatever development his tenure in office has brought to Ghanaians thus far, which is nothing at all. Empty barrels, we are told, make the most noise and, certainly, his obnoxious submissions just affirm the haplessness of a lost leadership that is present nowhere.
John Mahama has, really, done himself a lot of disservice, much more than had been inflicted on the whole nation, in that he allowed a bunch of buffoons to steer the affairs of this country in much an unfashionable manner possible, creating conditions rife for the most grievous and irredeemable malfeasance in the history of Ghana and Africa.
A word to you Mr Omane Clown, when you hear the name of H.E –to-be Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, you should bow your head in shame, for the wisdom that is in the bosom of this man is worth more than your pedigree and that of any other cohort in your government, including your Boss. If only you had an atom’s size of his knowledge and wisdom, you would be in a better position to serve humanity.
But then again, sometimes you can’t be blamed after all you reek of the stench of a DEAD GOAT.
The problem, really, is that your outfit tries to shroud the criminal atrocities and other such tendencies of the NDC by attacking the integrity of the honourable people whose names send shivers down your snaky spine. Take a good sniff of the shambolic management of the State, with your corrupt hands involved, and you will smell the stench that emanates from your lot’s everyday business, which is nothing but theft galore.
Shame on you and the murderous characters that constitute the NDC government and shame on your likes whom have no concern for Ghanaians except for the quantum of stolen cedis that may benefit their pockets. The Police would prove you wrong, soon, when pressure on them forces the revelations that would indict the murderers of all those whom the NDC had orchestrated the deaths of.
We shall make the necessary research and expose your filth. Idiot!