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Opinions of Friday, 2 January 2009

Columnist: Antwi, William

Shameless and Classless NPP Crooks

... Now Blaming Radio Gold JoyFm & Media!!!!!

We are not going to go into their gargantuan fraud in the course of the voting on December 28, 2008 and events thereafter. Rather, we are very much concern about their irresponsible and classlessly attacks on the media especially the JoyFM and Radio Gold. Who doesn't know the marvellous job our media houses continue to do to enable our fragile democracy to growth in dignity? One might not like the conduct of some of these media houses in terms of disseminating news to the public, but one thing they continue to do right is the"perfect" way they report and communicate the results of our elections. In fact, history tells us that they have predicted accurately all election results since 1992. Need we remind ourselves that they accurately predicted the winner of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections! And we know who the winner was and the party he belongs to! Interestingly, these classless crooks now have the impudence and moral chutzpah to lambast the media? Does shame have any meaning any more? At this junction let's ask ourselves these legitimate questions:

1. Where did the media go wrong this time around? Just for reporting the accurate figures as opposed to the NPP's fraudulent ones? And

2. Why these senseless and vicious attacks on these media houses? How do these crooks - and walking criminals - think all the media houses were going to get the results and their projections wrong when all that they did was to report the actual figures as announced by the EC's chief representative at the polling stations? Ladies and gentlemen, there is something beautiful about our electoral process, notwithstanding those brutal acts of intimidation, threats, ballot stuffing, vote buying etc; In fact, nobody in his right senses will fault how we collate election results. The process is a thing of beauty and transparency.

So for these NPP shameless crooks to blame these media houses shows how desperate and dangerous they are! Who would not fall in love with this transparent process of collating our election results even if the ballot boxes are already stuffed. Let's just look at how the process works:

STAGE 1: Eligible voters cast their votes

STAGE 2: At the end of the day, the votes are counted in the full glare of the public and not in a backroom or smoke room. Of course, present are the polling agents of all contestants with a presiding officer from the EC. In the peculiar circumstances of this article, I am discounting the situation where polling agents of some parties are brutalized into fleeing for their dear lives.

STAGE 3: After the counting, the various agents sign off on the results by appending their signatures together with that of the presiding officer indicating that the results are the true reflection of the votes cast.

STAGE 4: The presiding officer then announces the result to the general gathering including the media.

STAGE 5: These media people then transmit to the figures to their headquarters!

STAGE 6: The EC's pointmen or women at the various polling stations also transmit the results to the EC's strongroom for certification.

STAGE 7. The EC would then certify the results so received! The rest is history! So what is so wrong with such a transparent system? What was so wrong with these media houses projecting the winner based on those accurate figures as transmitted to them from the ground by their reporters? We are bone-tired of these vicious nation wreckers who want to perpetuate their bankrupt and criminal enterprise by any evil means possible! And these are the thieves who continue to call themselves "democrats"? Ghanaians now know who are the real democrats among us! Shameless thieves and corruptors in suits!

Our media houses must not relent or give in to these self-seeking crooks who are bent on destroying our democracy just to hide their criminal enterprise while in office! They owe nothing to these desperate and dangerous crooks! Their allegiance is to the public! Period.

To Tain we go!!!

God save us all.