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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

Sex, money and power – The Curse of the Ghanaian Politician

By: Fadi Samih Dabbousi
It is an established fact that Politics is a dirty game and dirtier are the traits associated with it. Most scandalous issues pertinent to local happenings, almost always, carry stories about politicians, their relatives or friends. In an era when trying circumstances are seen as a privilege by the corrupt, one can only shudder to imagine the gravity of the real situation at hand. Massive unemployment, strikes, poverty, school dropouts and many other social distresses make for a good premise for officials to sit up and apply agility to crisis resolution but, alas, it is what fills the pocket for the day that is prime on the agenda.
Money gets the power and power wins the admiration of the sexes. The intricacies of relationships within the political circles nearly border on animalism: “you do this for me and I join you for a glass of cognac; appoint my brother, pleeeaaase, yeah? Oh wow thank you. Ahah, did you say you’re taking me out?” And the revelations continue along the same lines of indolence. People attached to powerful officials can best be described as lethargic, wanting to attain affluence by temptation and laziness; an envelope here and a transfer there, all in the name of friendship. No wonder the circles stink of favours and looted coffers. There are good ones, nevertheless, but the general norm is quite disturbing.
Today it is Madam ‘A’, tomorrow it is Madam ‘B’, next it is Mr. ‘J’ in the pants of Honourable Madam ‘V’ and so on, as if to say that morals are shed off at the line where politics is drawn. Ok, so some female Ministers are very beautiful, and so some males are perceived to be, but when they sneak under each other’s bed sheets, it is gross financial loss to the state. Well the angle of argument is simple; that to enjoy someone else’s meat means that you must add money to fatten it for succulence worth the wrangling over.
We all have heard politicians make unrealistic promises, especially MPs (members of Parliament). We shall build schools and renovate markets; we shall build vocational centers for our constituencies; we shall create scholarships – our children deserve the best in education; we shall and we shall and we shall; alas many-a-fake-promise goes unquestioned. To seek Power, to enjoy and bring enjoyment, maybe better than seeking power for lopsided enjoyment, albeit the former is a more beautified form of political cosmetology.
Largess is an understatement: poolside parties and caviar on international trips with sexy women and men for all appetites; binging parties with lots of very well prepared local dishes at this Honourable and that Honourable’s house culminating in many deals, most of which bring nothing but financial loss to the state; escrow accounts in the British Virgin Islands or other tax-free havens abundant in exotic luxury; frequent trips all over the world securing deals and commissions to the detriment of the ordinary Ghanaian and businessperson – unnecessary trips that are created for the fun of enjoying luxury and money, that surface much later as unaccounted for, just to be written off as a loss to Ghana; the world cup fiasco of very recent memory
For example, the fall of Victoria Mahama, a few months ago, from Grace to Grass was just a small price to pay for denying some people indulgence or for not thinking BIG. The phrase “THNKING BIG” in a politician’s dictionary means, among other things, to amass gross wealth during the control of POWER to become filthy rich.
This is the story of the Ghanaian Politician, of course there are exceptions to every rule and this case is no exempt. There are very Honourable Politicians in Ghana who have earned international reputation for being peaceful: there are those who were born rich and needed nothing more than to serve their country and Ghanaians; there are those who want to leave a positive impact on a society tattered and torn amidst a ferocious struggle for the national pie; there are also Legends of Grace who want to leave a legacy for the youth and the elderly by propagating FREE EDUCTAION FOR ALL.
It is the daily struggle to maintain the status quo in the Ghanaian Political domain that is hounding us; the struggle for SEX, MONEY AND POWER!!!