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Opinions of Thursday, 14 July 2016

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Sex for favors, money and power is real

Kennedy Agyapong and Charlotte OseiKennedy Agyapong and Charlotte Osei

Some Queen mothers in the Greater Accra Region are demanding an apology from Kennedy Agyapong for making misogynistic comments against the Electoral Commissioner. The Association says the sexist comments undermine the integrity of all hard working women in Ghana.

The Queen mothers are demanding that the MP retracts and publicly apologize to all women.

Before these Queen mothers from Accra issued their demand for Kennedy Agyapong to apologize to Mrs Charlotte Osei for accusing her of offering sexual favors to gain the position of the Electoral Commissioner(EC), some Queen Mothers from Western and Central Regions have demanded same.

And as a matter of fact, some of them have already demonstrated against Kennedy Agyapong and for that I say, shame to all these NDC 'dansinkran' Queen Mothers for their shameful political nonesense. Let these land selling women calling themselves Queen Mothers advise Charlotte Osei to sue Kennedy Agyapong if these Queen Mothers do not know how to sue.

Folks, I do respect our traditional institution including chieftancy, but these Women are not Queen Mothers but political hacks hired by Oye Lithur, Hannah Tetteh and that third wife of Alhaji Iddrisu, Mould Iddrisu to milk this issue for political gains. Leave Kennedy Agyapong alone. These are NDC women wrapping themselves in "Queenshood" garbs. Charlotte Osei was not insulted but was accused.

The right thing to do is for her to sue Kennedy Agyapong for defamation of character. Kennedy Agyapong did not insult women but Charlotte Osei.

Don't let us be like ostriches and behave like sexual favors for power, money, good grades and others does not happen, it does. During the 2012 election, cheap Hyundai i match box cars were given to University girls by NDC for being bed warmers to their old dirty men.

If a woman is wrongly accused, the best way to handle it is to sue for defamation and not hiding behind women rights jingoistic nonsense to keep this nonsense going.

Kennedy Agyapong said he is ready to prove his point with facts if sued. Don't let us sweep this canker under the rug with demand for apology when this can be true.

When President Kufuor was accused of having given the Chief Justice position to Justice Georgina Wood, we did not hear from these NFC women neither did these women come to defend Gifty Anti when she was nationally awarded for her service to Ghana through her journalistic work by being defamed by NDC people including women for sleeping with President Kufuor for that award.

Where were these Dansinkran women when Halidu, an NDC top gun said any woman who is not married at the age of 30 is a prostitute?

Where were these NDC 'Dansinkran' women calling themselves Queen Mothers when NDC men continue to accuse Nana Akuffo Addo of being the sexual partner of Mrs Ursula Owusu despite the fact that both Ursula and Nana are happily married to different people?

Kennedy did not conjure this belief that some women use their sexuality to get what they want in life, that is real in life and in color. The idiom, the casting couch came from Hollywood where some Actresses sleep with others to get acting roles.

This phenomenon goes on in all spheres of our lives and we should not close our eyes to it. Some men too have suffered when some women have used sex to get some positions when competing with men. Some women too sleep with teachers and lecturers for good grades; don't let us behave as if such things don't go on in society.

The best way to stop this is for women to sue men when wrongfully accused. "Fa woto begye golf" during Acheampong regime where women exchanged sexual favors with people in authority for VW Golf did happen.

Let Charlotte Osei sue Kennedy Agyapong in court for defaming her and seek financial compensation, that is the right thing to do. Hiding behind womanhood virtues to perpetrate this canker in society is not the right way to address the problem.

Maybe you have not lost a position or promotion to a woman who have used her sexuality to bump you off so you think this does not goes on in society.

Please, just leave us alone to worry about young people who are walking the streets without jobs than to bother us about Charlotte Osei.