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Opinions of Sunday, 26 September 2010

Columnist: Ashley, Abigail

Sex Craze

by Abigail Ashley
Why most men want to sleep with their women before marriage. Gone are the days in Ghana when a woman is to protect her Vjj from any man to intrude, until she gets marriage.
In recent days most guys would want to sleep with the lady not once but on countless occasions, sometimes leading to a year or two before getting marriage, and some times the worse will even be that after so many years with this guy, wasting, your time, years and even losing the pride that you have he might even dump you for a much fresher blood, so they say.
Most girls I talk to will tell you, should you refused to have sex with the guy, he will claim you don’t love him. More over there are other girls out there who wouldn’t think twice about this, they are almost ready 24 – 7 to give to the guy at any time, day, hour or minute and any where.
Is it that the women likes it or they are doing it to please the man, so he may feel ‘loved’.
What happened to our values? What’s our parent doing about this? Has the society accepted this? What of the churches? Most Christians are facing this too, I had a chance to talk to a chorister of one of this big short churches and she was in a relationship with one of the junior Pastors of the church, but due to this sex issues she had to brake up with him, and the unfortunate thing is that this not this first time, but for how long would she sustain this? If for the reason of sex she has to be breaking off with guys that come her way?
One guy told me to my face that if no sex, then no relationship, because it very important to them as guys?
When is sex right? Who is educating who about sex? When isit desirable for a woman to start have sex, is it before marriage or after marriage? If life should continue this way believe me to be a time will come when the word virgin would be erased out.
I guy also said, if you are a man and you don’t sleep with the woman she may think you are impotent so sometimes they need to show the women what they are made of.
What do you think is the right thing to do?