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Opinions of Sunday, 5 October 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Serious Advice and Warning to Nana Akufo Addo

God reveals to redeem. However, the redemption often comes with conditions attached to it. One will have to abide by the set conditionality; follow a specified line of action, be it prayers and fasting, or staying completely away from the performance of certain behaviours. Without the fulfilment of the prescribed requirements, there could still be a revelation but the subsequent redemption may not be forthcoming.

I am a bit worried about the recent, but still ongoing purported prophetic revelations and rumours being bandied about in Ghana and abroad regarding the safety of Nana Akufo Addo Dankwah. It is alleged that some people are plotting to kill him by administering poison to him or getting him involved in a vehicular homicide – lorry accident, we often say.

Those maliciously arranging his death are said to come from the NPP family of which Nana is a faithful leading member. Outwardly, they seem trusted persons and are in higher positions, but inwardly, they are full to the brink with vile hatred and evilness towards him. What are their reasons for their mischief towards him? They have none, but just to prevent him from becoming the president of Ghana.

With all the minimal votes garnered by Mr Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremateng, now sprawled on the floor, he still thinks he will win the upcoming NPP flagbearer’s election scheduled for 18 October 2014. He is deceiving himself by tickling himself and laughing. But if a blind man threatens to stone you, it means he has his foot on something (a stone probably). I hope he is not among those hatching a plot to harm Nana Addo.

Nana Addo is to beware of those closer to him. Those rumoured to be plotting against him are members of the NPP family, the very people he might have once shared ideas and jokes with, or dined together from the same bowl or the same diner table. A saying goes, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'

Nana Addo should watch what he eats and drinks. He should be careful who he dines with; where he eats and drinks from. No resort to juju or fetish shrines to kill or harm someone has ever been more successful than physical, although surreptitious, application of poison or other such means, e.g. motor accident. Subsequently, Nana should not until 18 October 2014, be seen to be eating and drinking with people outside his wife and biological children. He is to eat meals prepared by his wife or children only. If his family has the habit of shopping from a particular shop, individual or market, they had better shop from another shop or market. I will shortly explain my reasons why.

Knowing the battles I have taken upon myself to defend the poor and the needy in society, often stepping on people’s feet, disclosing their misdeeds and lambasting them, I do never buy from the same shop when I go to Ghana on holidays. I purchase my daily needs from different shops almost every day. This is a lesson I had learnt from an attempt on my father’s life in the 1960s.

If you are known to shop from one particular store or person, your enemies can easily arrange with the person to sell a poisoned product to you. Trusted friends can easily be induced with money to become your enemies in a twinkle of an eye hence the saying, “Friends today, enemies tomorrow”

On one sunny afternoon in late 1960s, my father asked me to go to (name of beer bar withheld) to buy him a bottle of beer. He had that habit of asking us to mention his name to the bar owner as the person who had sent us. With the mere mention of his name, a rich man and highly respected, he would be served chilled, but not out of fridge (shelved), beer. On this particular errand when the bottle was taken home, with my father seated, waiting for it to quench his thirst, something unexpected happened. As soon as he held the bottle, the beer inside the bottle started bubbling up with the lid still tightly secure in place. No one had shaken the bottle prior to the incident. The bottle exploded. My smiled, shook his head several times and asked those of us around not to worry. He murmured, “They have poisoned the beer, they wanted to kill me”.

My father, who was at that period not a Christian, had a means of protecting himself against such malevolencies.

Again, the chief of the town who later became his best friend unto death, decided to kill him. At a gathering of people of the town in the forecourt of the chief’s palace to celebrate an occasion that was graced by a dance band, something happened. The chief, leaning over the rails of the first floor balcony, watching the dancers, said to his Chief Executioner (“Obrafo payini”) “saa akoa a ommu adee yi, ennam ne sika nti, mesoma no awiaa ketee”. Simply translated from Twi into English it means, “This guy who does not respect anyone because of his riches, I shall send him to his grave in a broad daylight” The “Obrafo” (Opayin Gyekyei) asked him, “Barimah, who is the person?” He pointed him out to him from the crowd. The chief did not know that my father was the son-in-law of the Chief Executioner. His daughter was my father’s younger wife.

Just after the function, he, the Chief Executioner, came to disclose all that the chief has said about my father to him. He strongly advised my father to cease drinking, be wary of his movements and interactions with people, as well as steering clear away from the chief. Not long after the disclosure, my father converted from his pagan beliefs to accept Christianity. He stayed a faithful Christian unto death. The Chief became the best friend of my father, visiting him regularly. Even three days to the death of the chief, he visited my father at home.

Coming back to the saying, “God reveals to redeem”, unless you do as directed when the revelation is made, you may not overcome the problem. There are other incidents that occurred in the life of my father but he overcame all of them. I will discuss them in detail in a book one day.

All told, Nana Akufo Addo should keep close eye on those nearer to him. All secretly executed attempts to kill a fellow human being by criminals are done through the employ of lethal substances, for example the bile of crocodile and artificially poisonous materials, but not through any powers of the fetish priests as erroneously believed by most people.

All those planning to harm Nana Akufo Addo will themselves first drink from the cup of death long before him. All those that planned to kill my father died long before his own demise.

Nana Dokuah (London), for the sake and safety of Nana Addo, please do as you shall be directed. I am keeping a close eye on the enemies of Nana. They will be exposed. One wonders why the current NPP leaders are colluding with the NDC to keep NPP in permanent opposition to the detriment of the already suffering poor Ghanaian masses.

With the help of God, perseverance and resolute determination, Nana Akufo Addo and the suffering Ghanaian masses shall conquer all difficulties.


Rockson Adofo