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Opinions of Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Columnist: GNA

Science shaped conduct of Arab uprising

Maxwell Awumah, GNA Special Correspondent, Doha, Qatar

Doha, Jun 28, GNA - Science, technology and the media shaped the conduct of Arab uprising from escalating into bloody clashes, especially in Egypt, Dr Ahmed Zewail, a Nobel Laureate and professor of physics and chemistry has observed.

He said the application of new technological tools for social networking facilities like the facebook, tweeters, text messages and blogs contributed largely to the conduct of the uprising. Dr Zewail, also a Board member of Qatar Foundation, made this observation at the World Conference of Science Journalists underway in Doha= , Qatar. He said that should vindicate the perception in some cycles that Islam is a violent religion.

The Professor said civility changes dogmas and Egyptians have demonstrated that during the heat of the uprising, but indicated there were some fundamentalist at all levels of religions, including Islam. Dr Zewail said Islam was not in conflict with science and development but the conflict of civilization theory where butter and bread issues canno= t be substituted for anything needed serious attention.

"The bottom line is that the masses wanted liberty and a good life t= o live" and their action had nothing to do with faith. "Go beyond faith and tradition, use the past as a turning point and forge a corporate future," he said. Dr Zewail entreated developing nations, especially, to embrace and harness the value and benefit of communication in science to develop the status quo.