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Opinions of Friday, 5 July 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Can Ghanaians Manage Their Own Affairs - I Doubt It?

Some Ghanaians may find the title, "Can Ghanaians Manage Their Own Affairs", very erroneous, inappropriate, nauseating and obnoxious but I don't. I have my own reasons for arriving at that firm conclusion of posing that question. One may disagree with me much as my reasons may border on the negative, short-sighted aspects of the Ghanaian attitude. I am not a pessimist; nevertheless I currently find certain attitudes of the Ghanaian a complete albatross hanging weightily around our neck, dragging us uncontrollably down the steep slopes of self-inflicted doom. How scary the abyss of self-destruction is, a person with foresight may tell?

I have read a publication on Ghanaweb where nocturnal helicopter flights have been resorted to by the Mahama/Arthur-Amissah NDC-led government for ill-explained reasons. The helicopter has been conducting nocturnal recognisance surveillance for security purposes. What really gives the intentions of the government away, relating to the nightly rather than the diurnal activities of the helicopter hovering around and throwing its searchlights on Nana Akufo Addo and Kennedy Agyapong's homes? What makes the intentions behind the flights more suspicious or sinister is a statement by the Ghana security apparatus, "“the helicopter is on a mission to support the Operation Calm Life security operation which is intended to track down criminals who have been setting markets alight.” Do criminals and arsonists live in the homes of Nana Addo and Kennedy Agyapong? If answered in the negative, then why is the helicopter hovering in their areas, directing its searchlights on their homes?

The story was published on Peace Fm Online on Sunday, 30 June 2013 titled, "Helicopter Chases Nana Addo"

Woe betides the idiotic government in Ghana, should they dare harm the anointed one of God. How silly can Ghana politics be with fools in command, if the intention of the government is to harm her political rivals? The National Security have employed Kuko Anyidohu only for him to be unproductive to the nation but sit around writing and publishing propaganda articles in support of the uselessness, aimlessness and thievery in perpetuation by the NDC government and party.

If Ghanaians are looking for a real impersonator but not as hypocritically and mischievously being bandied around by that frail former Supreme Court Justice Kpegah, then it is Koku Anyidohu. Has he not been churning out lies in the names of assumed Margaret Jackson and Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah? The government pays him for indulging in this crime and yet, some naive Ghanaians belonging in the NDC do support him wholeheartedly.

Ghanaians place their confidence in their Electoral Commission to conduct credible elections. Here we are having the Chair of the Commission, Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, making a big fool of himself; collusively rigs the 2012 elections for equally irresponsible persons of the "Ede bii keke" infamy. He advertently defines "Over vote" as though he is the biggest idiot of all time. His definition of the word while in the witness is miles away from the definition he gave to the same word prior to the elections. Nonetheless, we have equally insane persons within the NDC family being 100% supportive of him. Again, we have the security forces becoming unpropitious and partisan. By their action, they have helped the government and her supporters to practice hypocritically selective justice. A member of the NDC party can call for brimstones to rain on Ghana, he will not be questioned. However, if a member of the opposition questions why the brimstones are raining, he will be arrested, stripped naked during interrogation as done to Ernest Owusu Bempah and frog-marched to Nsawam Prisons as has happened to Ken Kuranchie.

A political party can use the entire nation's money to finance their political party's electioneering campaign. The nation's coffers will be depleted to the extent of not having money left to pay civil servants after the elections. The dubiously elected President will announce to the country that he has eaten all the meat to the bone, meaning there is no more money to pay the workers. He then increases the prices of petroleum products, utility bills and other essential goods to urgently raise revenue to carry out emergency services.

We have a government that colludes with certain individuals and companies to swindle Ghana in a broad daylight in what have become judgment debt payments. In so doing, the government impoverishes the nation, enriches a handful few at the expensive of the majority. That notwithstanding, we still have some Ghanaians being supportive of that absurdity. Look at almost all the chiefs and people of the Volta region supporting Alfred Agbesi Woyome for duping Ghana to the tune of GHC51.2 million. Their reason was, he is the son of the Volta soil and therefore, needs their support, regardless.

Look at one Amanor Dodoo, the Ghanaian representative of KPMG, a reputable global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. He goes to audit controversially contestable Election 2012 pink sheets on which the fate of Ghana hinges as we speak. As corrupt, partisan and with typical Ghanaian mindedness, he makes a big cock-up of the whole issue. By his insatiable quest to remain partisan, dishonest and stupid, he has compromised the credibility of KPMG. I leave this to the august Ghana Supreme Court and his employers to decide.

From the above, just a tip of the iceberg, are Ghanaians not utterly unable to manage their own affairs through acts of sheer stupidity, partisanship and corruption?

Over to you DJ Sources of Sources radio UK. I dedicate this publication to my Sources radio programme co-panellist, Sir Gadusi of London, the future Member of Parliament for Kumasi Manhyia.

Rockson Adofo