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Opinions of Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Columnist: Asare, Noah

Obama Demands For Teachings!!

On 25 May 1963 Africa decided on a plan to hoist a common flag, thanks to the enthusiastic leadership of a son of Africa and Ghana; Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. The aim was simple and clear, to wean Africa off the colonial manipulation of the west. But till today Africa is still relaxed busily looking up to the west who have taken advantage of this weakness and have continued its bullying and oppression of the African.

Dr Nkrumah had experience with the west by virtue of his study in both UK and America. He had seen the oppressive nature of the western folks and their total disdain for others especially black Africans. His approach was seen by many as too aggressive. Others had thought he was just over ambitious and worst still power drunk.

But the reality is that, any fight against the west needs a clearer expression of one's conviction. A unique colour signal void of hypocrisy. There is only one way forward to express a dislike to the western oppression and it is by avoiding camouflaging of the truth. It is by clearly stating our values without fear.

I have been infuriated by Obama's direction of Senegal and all other African countries to give rights to gays and lesbians. Not because as a christian and a typical african I deem same sex relationships as sin and imoral, but because of the guts he had to come and stand on African soil to insult our culture and the good values that makes us unique. The Americans are one of the best allied to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Can Obama stand in Mecca or Dubai and voice out this trash he spewed in Dakar?

Obviously no!! Because those countries have made it clear that Islam is their culture and the constitution that governs them is the laws and values held high by Islam. If Africa is really looking for freedom from the west, this is a good chance to show it. The Africa Union and all relevant voices of Africa have to shoot up the red signal and make it open to the west that Africans are a unique people with a beautiful and responsible culture that does not promote the values of the west which has left their homes broken and their streets filled with gays and lesbians.

Here in Africa we are guarded by a natural law that is responsible, respectable and even approved of God. The things that brings them joy in the west makes us mourn here in Africa and maybe what we call good values are matters they tread upon under foot.

The bullying of Africa by the west will never stop until the day we decide to speak our minds to the west. Ghedafi was killed just 7 months after the turmoil of protests began in Libya. Although I had problems with Ghedafi, I sincerely regret the Rambo tactics the west used to kill the man. Because what is good for the goose can never be a taboo to the gander.

Assad of Syria has bombarded his people on daily basis for close to three years now and is still doing it. Israel is occupying Gaza which even the bible declared as a land belonging to the Philistines(read Judges 16). The Chinese have laws very unfamiliar with the west. The sharia law in all Islamic countries is clear human rights violation in the eyes of the west. But of all these Obama the messenger of the west has not been able to send his preaching train there.

African is at the receiving end of unfair trade conditions. It is the continent with the least investment from western companies. African leaders have been advised badly on several occasions by the west to cut very vital humanitarian programs designed for its citizens.

All these life threatening issues are of no importance to a pro-gay Obama who five years ago, we thought was coming as a saviour. I urge the African Union to tell Obama in the face our strict disapproval of his barking and our condemnation of the stand he has even taken on same sex relationship. Maybe he has come home and we need to teach him about some values of the soil of his father.

The time is now or never. The Freedom we are yearning for will continue to be a dream until the day we will have the courage of the Arab to defend this culture and values.

Before Obama finishes his showmanship on our soil, let us allow some home sense sink into his head. He has demanded for teachings. Let's show him how come our families still stand strong. How come divorce rate is higher in America than in African countries. Let's teach him why our kids don't carry guns to school and kill their own classmates. Let him be thought why even the worst African son cannot tell his father he is a fool in the face. Let us give him lessons on why your wife cannot wake up one day and tell the police to drive you his husband out because she don't want to see you again in your own house. Let us make him understand why despite our high poverty rate we have less stress than them who call themselves developed.

Let us teach him why we don't abandon our old people or confine them to isolated lives just because they are old and burdensome. Let him go back learning why we still keep this old people in the same places we stay still respecting them and giving them every needed service by ourselves. Yes our own selves, the children and grand children of those same old people. Obama should know why we don't visit our old mothers and fathers only on their birthdays but eat the same breakfast and dinner with them every passing day. Let Obama go back learning that in Africa our culture abhors same sex marriage, simple.

Maybe he can give visa free to the gays and lesbians to come to him in America, here in Africa it is unacceptable. No two families marry their two sons/daughters together.

Obama and his masters should learn and know that the days they stopped us from subsidizing our agriculture while they took 70% of the cost of their farmers is near an end. There is a new African who have the courage to tell them what they deserve to hear right in their face.

African union and African leaders should not let this opportunity slip through their fingers. Enough of the insults, the west is having an itching ear and the truth is the cure. They should all raise their voice Obama right now that he is still in Africa and let the world understand that the attempt to force gay and lesbian marriages on Africa is unacceptable and smells of disrespect to the people of Africa.

African leaders should unanimously condemn this total disdain and scorn of the African by the west. Our leaders should let them know that just as we don't force our convictions on them they should return that respect by refraining from imposing theirs on us.

Long Live Africa.

Noah Asare Stockstadt, Germany.