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Opinions of Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Satan is the best person to govern Ghana

I was thinking of possible replacements for the corrupt non performing regime of Dr. Atta Mills and, I had an epiphany! Satan, the devil, medusa, should be our president. I am sure all the religiously inclined people shouted a loud condemnation in the name of Jesus/ Allah/ Our Ancestors/ Their deity etc etc. Sadly, if Satan took over we would probably be experiencing more development than we currently are.

Since the corrupt regime of Dr. Atta Mills took over Ghana, life has only gotten worse for the common man on the street. The common man is eating less a day and, having to listen to arrogance personified when the clowns who are part of Mills administration come and tell him that we are headed in the right direction. Dr. Ecomini has pastors all over West Africa that he goes to but, no development is coming. Why?

Did God leave Ghana? After all, nobody worships God more than Ghanaians thus, why are we still living in Mud huts in 2010 while using the “restroom” in the Bush? Why can’t we get constant electricity? Why do we have to breathe in toxic microbes by just living in Accra? The answer is, we are asking from help from the wrong guy! It is time for Satan to gear up his campaign team and hit the road. Ghana will surely benefit.

Remember that Satan knows the scripture very well; he is a scholar par excellence with knowledge and erudition beyond the capacity of most mere mortals. Satan possesses oratory skills and talents which will make him attractive to those who value style over substance. Also, he has developed a place called Hell which has attracted a lot of investors. Sure they are corrupt but, there is development!

Some will say as bad as Atta Mills is, Satan will be worse. My question is, does Atta Mills have the dedication of Satan? The answer is, there is no dedication from this dirty government which in its short time in power has managed to turn the clock back on civil rights, development prospects, and the future prospects of Ghana. Satan may be evil but, he is a dedicated and disciplined entity. He pursues the vulnerable with unflinching dedication and, does everything within his power to get them on his side. Is Atta Mills that dedicated? If so, why has he abandoned some of the projects of the NPP and replaced them with nothing?

The answer is, HELL NO Atta mills are NOT DEDICATED! If he was dedicated the water situation would be better. Kids would not be carrying buckets that are twice their weight on their head when going to fetch water from a stream that animals Poop in. If Atta Mills was dedicated we would not have foreigners coming to dig bore holes for communities that have lived in Ghana for 50 years but, are living like slaves. If Atta Mills was dedicated Accra would be so clean and, the Tamale Teaching Hospital would not have started being renovated months ago( Have you seen the dump? If not simply look on Google images! It looks like an old warehouse and, nothing like a hospital)!!!

When Atta Mills was coming to power he told us that he wanted make Ghana a middle income country by 2020. I laughed and, thought that there was no way in hell it would take us that long to be a middle income country but, in just over a year Atta Mills has managed to ruin the economy to the extent that it will really take that long. Atta go slow, king of the Ecomini, has managed to destroy the economy.

Do I really want Satan to take over? The onus is on Atta Mills to make me not want it. In order to do that I think Atta Mills has to show some dedication to fixing the numerous problems in the country. No more committees, no more big loans that we cannot keep track of etc etc. Action NOW is simply the cry of the masses.

Pen Name: Transient Justice