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Opinions of Thursday, 27 May 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Satan is no longer interested in Governing Ghana

Satan has decided that he no longer wants to rule Ghana. After careful evaluation and, considering all his options, he arrived at the conviction that Atta Mills, I means Mess, has ruined Ghana so much that it is not worth it to waste his resources to attempt to take Atta Mess’s job! Namely, he concluded that Ghana is so corrupt that even he, Satan, cannot stand to be in the presence of such corruption

Dr. Atta Mess (PhD), is currently running the most dirty, corrupt, and intolerant government in all of West Africa. This is a government that has murdered PRIVATE Citizens. These citizens include the fellow who was murdered by the BNI while protesting Asamoah Boatengs illegal arrest and, the lady who was recently interrogated by the BNI and died(google these stories if you don’t believe me).

All private citizens of the Black Star State of Ghana with an ounce of common sense are wondering exactly what type of interrogation KILLS people. Satan even though evil has decided that even he cannot hope to top such barbarism. That is to say, Satan never wants to physically KILL those he hates instead, he tries to create more followers to spread his message. Atta Mess on the other hand will call you into his BNI and, KILL YOU! Thus, Satan sees no way to top that and, has decided to pull out.

Why has Atta Mess started using all types of unconventional torture to harm private citizens he does not like? How can one explain all the human rights violations and, KILLINGS going on by the GOVERNMENT of Ghana? All these things have scared even Satan away from the job.

Dr. Atta Mess has even started throwing Coups within Ghana. In Atta Mess’s Ghana, if you are a chief and he does not like you, EXPECT A COUP! He will storm your palace in the early morning and try to overthrow you! Dr. Atta Mess showed this in throwing a Coup at the palace of the Ga Mantse, Nii Tachie Tawiah III. This is the first time in history a chief as been so disrespected by the Government of Ghana. This coup SHOCKED Satan and, helped him make a decision that Ghana was far too bad to try to take over it.

For how long shall Ghanaians standby as this clown who calls himself Dr. Atta Mess destroys the very fabric of Ghanaian society? Atta Mess has proven that he HATES indigenous Ghanaian culture. If he had his way, we would all be slaves. Listen to how his lackey, Kwasi Pratt talks about the Chieftaincy institution. Listen to him as he calls for its abolishment… Even Satan would not be so heartless…Satan would not call for the abolishment of an institution but, would rather try to let the institution serve him. Atta Mess on the other hand will not only kill you but, he will destroy your essence.

So, there you have it. Satan is no longer interested in the Job! Atta Mills does not have to worry about Satan’s political machine coming for his job… He can continue to murder and steal with impunity! Satan will neither throw a coup nor, run for the 2012 elections. Atta Mess has made the job so unattractive that even Satan wants no part of it!

Penname: Transient Justice