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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

Samuel Abu Jinapor living up to expectation

He is a young intrepid legal practitioner whose appointment to the position of a Deputy Chief of Staff, initially, sparked a storm of debate on social media, by some people within the NPP. That storm, which was in a ‘tea-cup’, anyway, was probably a genuine expressing of concern, but unfortunately by people who do not know Samuel at a close range.
Personally, I have, over the years, made very conscious effort to classify every criticism people heap on me, as purely expression of their individual divergent opinions to mine, on issues. I have never talked down on people who express divergent views on my opinions because I see such things as rather coming from people who have something positive to contribute to enriching my knowledge and understanding of issues.
For this reason, I never term divergent opinions expressed by others on the appointment of Samuel Jinapor as malicious, particularly when it came from serious party loyalists who contributed immensely to making our 2016 electoral victory, a spectacular one.
In an organization with millions of followers whose thinking and views on issues will always be divergent, it is always prudent to be calm when you come under BAPTISM OF FIRE since the intension might be sincere but the mode and reason for same, might be completely misplaced. And it is only when you, the target, maintain a cool head that, time will always vindicate you.
I remember my brother Samuel calling to tell me how worried he was, when the issue was making rounds on social media about his supposed abandonment of the party, at some point, and therefore did not deserve to be appointed to the position of Deputy Chief of Staff. But I told him to be calm since I was of the conviction that those making the assertions were not privy to his contributions during those times he was alleged to have been on ‘holiday’. My conviction for asking him to be calm was rooted in the fact that, first of all, Nana Addo is someone who always gets his decisions right.
Campaign trail
Also, I was with Samuel on most of the campaign trips with then NPP flagbearer, and I witnessed how he ARTICULATELY ARTICULATED NANA ADDO’S VISION WITH ARTICULATELY ARTICULATED ARTICULATION, VOCIFEROUSLY EXPOSED THE DEEP-SEATED CORRUPTION WITHIN THEN RULING MAHAMA-LED NDC GOVERNMENT, AND EXPLAINED TO GHANAIANS WHY NANA ADDO WILL BE A MUCH BETTER ALTERNATIVE. As a matter of fact, Samuel spoke on every campaign platform during those tours across the length and breadth of the country.
And for the notice of all, the Youngman actually took care of his own cost to follow the flagbearer on all the campaign tours. Besides his active participation in the campaign, he also has been closely to Nana Addo, for years, and has actually been offering a wealth of advice on youth development and other critical areas, particularly the fight against corruption and other acts of impropriety by public office holders.
And I believe we all clearly heard Nana Addo making public articulation of this when he officially introduced him [Samuel] to the media at his Nima residence. Personally, I have christened Mr. Samuel Abu Jinapor, an ANTI CORRUPTION CAMPIGNER, due to his unwavering abhorrence to the practice which he always articulated on campaign platforms.
Sense of duty
Now, the storm which heralded his appointment finally died down; he has since assumed office at the seat of government and that is where I am really fascinated by the Youngman’s sense of duty, open-door policy and amazing level of courteousness towards whoever walks into his office. And like I have said in the past, Nana Addo is no longer a flagbearer but a President and therefore, access to him has obviously become a bit restricted; and even that, anybody who wants to see him can be granted the access, provided a pre-arranged date and time are obtained.
It is for this restricted accessibility to the President, that, he has appointed a Chief of Staff with two young competent Deputies. These three officials at the presidency are to serve as the President’s ears, eyes and nose in his day-to-day schedules. And it is this aspect of their roles that I believe Mr. Samuel Abu Jinapor, for the short period he has been in office, is actually making tremendous waves.
He is always the first to be at his desk, in the morning, and the last to leave. Though he has a core team of supporting staff, he never operate a hands-off style schedule but always actively engrossed in whatever goes on at his office.
Indeed, you walk to the wing of his office at the presidency, and the place always looks like a medical doctor’s clinic. It is always full with people seeking assistance in various shades and forms, while others are party followers just passing through to say hello to a young enterprising man they so much admire. He has a great sense of fashion too.
Exceptional warmth
Samuel will walk into his office reception, and one-after-the-other, personally shake the hand of every visitor waiting to see him, and ask of how you are doing, with a tone and pleasant demeanor which always portray a picture of familiarity and sense of appreciation, respect and love to ordinary strangers.
Samuel will see me over 20 times, in a day at the presidency, and will each time, ask of how am doing. As a matter of fact, he virtually does same to everybody, whether he knows you or not; and he does this with the characteristic broad smiles.
Inspite of his extremely tight daily schedule, he makes time to answer every phone call. Walking into his office is a great delight; the characteristic smile and warm handshake will always welcome you. He will beckon you to a chair and will start the conversation straightaway. He listens, responds when appropriate and will always make you feel appreciated after an encounter.
The real essence of seeking political power, is to make a positive mark both on the minds and in the lives of the masses; and this is where the Youngman has really been impressive, in this short period he has been in office and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that, he will continue to portray these great attributes in order to justify the rare opportunity and enormous responsibility offered him by the President.
My prayer
Swearing-in the last batch of his substantive ministers on Friday 17th February, 2017, His Excellency Nana Addo admonished them to project his “IDEAS, VISION and VALUES”. I have been close to the man for sometime, and I know the best of his character traits are UNALLOYED INTEGRITY and MATCHLESS HUMILITY; so when he says one should project his values, then, it is pretty obvious he expects you to be neither EGOISTICAL nor UNETHICAL.
It is therefore my fervent hope and unceasing prayer that, the Almighty God continues to grant him divine wisdom to stay on this path of AMAZING HUMILITY AND CONSCIENCIOUSNESS; AND NEVER FALL FOR ENTICING SNARES OF DREAM-KILLING-POMPOSITY OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH POLITICAL OFFICE.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei