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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Sammy Awuku Shows A Sense of Maturity

Listening to an answer given by Sammy Awuku to a question asked by a radio presenter, I immediately concluded that Sammy is up to the job of his new appointment - National Youth Organizer of NPP. He was asked, "How will you bring about unity among your factious NPP especially, between the newly elected Executive members and the outgoing ones?" Sammy Awuku answered thus, "Sir John is my uncle and Hon. Kennedy Agyepong my elder brother. I shall go to each of them, kneel down before them and plead with them to forgive each other for whatever has transpired to allow unity to reign supreme within the NPP party. Without unity, we are going nowhere as a party" ? He knows, I know, and everyone else knows that without airtight cooperation among the NPP members, especially the leaders, there is no way that the NPP can ever win any general elections in Ghana. We do not go to war with the aim of winning the battle when you have such a fractious army as the current NPP are. "In unity we stand, but in division we fall", so a popular adage goes. Is this saying not confirmed by the ease with which a strand of broom is broken, whereas broom is sturdy because its strands are tightly bound? ? I pray the new Executives do not side-line the outgoing ones for whatever reason but rather work together to ensure the success of the party in general elections. The main objective of the party is to win elections to liberate Ghanaians from the shackles of socio-economic problems in which Ghanaians are current bound? If the infighting among the leaders for myopic reasons will scupper the objective, then what will be the end usefulness of the positions they are occupying? Subsequently, although I am not in parliament, I shall say, I concur with Sammy Awuku’s statement. ? The feud between Sir John and Hon. Kennedy Agyepong must stop for the sake of holding the party together, and for the general future welfare of Ghanaians. About 99.5% of Ghanaians are suffering under the present government in Ghana. Many a Ghanaian looks up to the NPP to set them free from the bondage of socio-economic slavery in which they find themselves under the Mahama NDC-led government. Without unity between members, the NPP cannot meet the expectation of the suffering Ghanaian masses. ? Therefore, I support Sammy Awuku and Afisa Otiko, the Women’s Organizer, who are embarking on Unity Crusade right from the early days or the very inception of their elections into their new positions within the party. Thy have shown wisdom. They must be supported to succeed. I hope Sir John and Kennedy Agyepong will bury the hatchet. They will see wisdom in the initiative taken by Sammy Awuku. They will place the collective interests of the party and Ghanaians over and above their personal, probably, selfish aspirations. Personal vendetta is not to be settled in the NPP’s political arena, I am afraid. ? When it comes to the election of the party’s flagbearer later this year, I hope the acrimony shown during the campaign for the election of the Executives as just ended, will not resurface. Once bitten, twice shy. ? Finally, I would like to see all the seventeen presidential aspirants who once contested the NPP flagbearership rally solidly behind whoever wins this year’s flagbear’s slot. They should not withdraw from active supportive campaigning as they had manifestly been doing. It is not only shameful but wickedly malevolent. Such attitudes are clearly expressive of the Ghanaian’s wicked mindedness or mentality of, "If I can’t have it, then nobody should" or better still, "Se ebeko goal dee 3nko Corner" ? I am watching from afar how things will evolve. I have promised myself to make positive impact on election 2016 in favour of the NPP and the suffering Ghanaian masses. How will I do it, one may ask? I shall not disclose it but once the time is near, people will see the Kumawu man in action. ? I wish Kwabena Adjei Agyepong a speedy recovery from his illness. Belonging in the Agona clan and once the best friend of the late Kwame Nyame from Oyoko, his father’s nephew, Kwabena is more or less a son to me by the Akan tradition. I pray he works with Sir John by sharing ideas with him and tasking him to do certain things for him for the betterment of the party. ?

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