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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Columnist: Samson Samari

Samari writes: Mr president don't be deceived

President Akufo-Addo President Akufo-Addo

The just ended parliamentary primaries should call for worries and questions in the camp of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) because why and how can forty sitting MPs and parliamentary leadership lose their seats?

These are people who are in the ruling party and people who per the political environment of this country have the power to command resources and developmental projects to their respective constituencies.

Besides that they have the advantage of being assisted by the DCEs to execute developmental projects should there be any.

The anger of the grassroots manifested in the parliamentary primaries is an indication of the monumental failure of Nana Addo's government

It is very clear from the video footage and comments from some of the candidates, that those who won were out of their unparalleled biding power. Because they used the money to influence the votes they obtained from the electorates.

Mr. President don't be deceived on why many of your appointees were seen strongly campaigning in order to get a chance into the legislature.

Has the president ever considered why Non-Members of Parliament ministers, CEOs, and above all his two deputy chiefs of staff are strongly interested in becoming MPs when they are holding one of the highest and respected offices of the land?

Can the president and his team try to find answers to the questions below?

1) If the NPP government has performed very well as it is printed in the mind of the president and other senior officers why will many incumbent Members of Parliament lose?

2) If the two deputy chiefs of staff, the MASLOC boss and his deputy and other CEOs non Members of Parliament ministers and their deputies know very well that president Nana Addo and vice president Dr Bawumia's led government has performed well and will be given a second term, why will they be interested in going to Parliament instead of holding those top positions?

3) Will the NPP share the same money to get votes in the general elections?

As the old saying goes, *"the speed of an old man is determined by the type of predator chasing him.

The speed at which government officials in the NPP just ended elections is a prophecy of the change of power in the upcoming elections.

If executives of the New Patriotic Party are not satisfied with the output of this government, what do you think will be the actions of the ordinary voter? All is not well.

I remain a citizen and not a spectator.