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Opinions of Sunday, 5 August 2012

Columnist: Osei-Akoto, Linda

Saluting A Man of Great Honour

What is the honour in death I ask you?
The pride of a nation ceased at a time in which its citizens were not ready for
What we know or think we knew don’t matter anymore
Anyone who brings peace before his brothers and sisters is worth every tear drop
that falls out of a nation’s eyes
It seemed as though it was yesterday that you were sworn in
A humble being with great humility, a fighter for his people, a leader respected
You stood and represented everything positive
You held such grace and even before your younger generations your every word began
with a please
What kind of man were you?
You were the messenger sent by God to guard, teach and mold a nation
Your calling was not to change our world but to live and to serve as an example to
the rest of the human race
Your sudden departure has left as scared and broken the very best part of us, our
How amazing it is too, that it has brought your people, nation and all your citizens
together in every part of the globe
We counting our tears drops wondering when we will meet you again
It’s not farewell, it’s not good bye
It’s till we meet you again
You were our pride and the only one of a kind
It is our prayer that our heavenly father has accepted you into his kingdom
We now understand that on the 24th day of July 2012 the place he had prepared for
you was ready and awaiting your arrival
Our heart cries out for you every second, minute and hour of our existence
But heaven, heaven celebrates you
Just when you were in the prime of it all, a period of greatest prosperity it all
came to an end
Your purpose has been fulfilled and yes indeed you have made your mark
Aside of Jesus Christ how can one man’s departure bring a nation to its knees and to
a point where peace is recognised and peace unites as all
Peace is what you stood for
Well done, well done, well done
President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills rest in the ever loving arms of your creator.