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Opinions of Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Columnist: Agbenyo, Samuel Kofi

SSNIT Should Be Up And Doing

Kindly permit space on your website for me to express my concern about what seems as a discriminating posture being put up by SSNIT. I think the laws of this country stipulates that any person who engages someone for a work, who he pays salary should equally register the person for SSNIT contribution. the employer must deduct the person’s SSNIT contribution from his or her salary and add the employer’s contribution to it and pay it to SSNIT.
While I would like to congratulate SSNIT for getting tough on those recalsitrant employers who would not want to pay the contribution of their employees, I would also want to take SSNIT on for the failure to see to it that Zoomlion registers its waste managenmeent workers and pay their contribution.
The fact still remains that most of us work today so that we can save something for the days to come when we will not have the strengh to hustle and feed ourselves. It is upon this that the state in its wisdom set up SSNIT, back by laws to compel everybody that works to save something for the future. If the very body that is set up to achieve this is failing to carry out its mandate, then the state has a lot of problems to deal with when people who at their working days do not save anything grow up and can not do anything again. We will have oldmen and women parading our streets begging for arm to feed themselves. This will be a terrible situationto handled.
I therefore want to use this medium to ask SSNIt to compel Zoomlion and others who did not register their workers,to do so and pay their contribution so that these persons will not be a burden on the state in future. However, if this call falls on deaf ears, some of us will be compelled to take legal action against both SSNIT and Zoomlion.
Samuel Kofi Agbenyo