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Opinions of Sunday, 28 February 2010

Columnist: Tawiah, Francis

A Ghanaian VIP Transfering His Money


A section of the NDC manifesto 2008: “A BETTER GHANA.”
This Manifesto is the NDC's roadmap to building a prosperous Ghana. I am confident that with the Open, Honest Transparent and Humble Leadership I pledge to provide, together with our Team, the NDC and well-meaning Ghanaians, including those belonging to other sides of the political divide, we shall be able to build “a Better Ghana”.

We are certainly not against wealth accumulation by individuals and groups but as a Party that is anchored to the social democracy philosophy and espouses the tenets of our ideology unashamedly, all our efforts must be geared towards protecting and supporting the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, the marginalized and the have-nots in society.

The NDC seeks a majority from the electorate upon the basis of a coherent and definite program. We reaffirm our conviction that Social Democracy provides the best solution for the evils resulting from unregulated competition and the domination of vested interests. It presses for the extension of public-owned industries and services operated in the interests of the people. It works for the substitution of co-ordinate planning for the anarchy of individualistic acquisitions.
The NDC government will measure its successes (not that we are going to be obsessed with touting such successes) in the extent to which we shall be able to implement the policies contained in this Manifesto that will benefit the vast majority of Ghanaians by way of job creation and infrastructure expansion and the extent to which we will be able to provide Ghanaians with the needed social services.
The NDC Government promised the Ghanaian People heaven and earth “ A BETTER GHANA „ before the election but what we are seeing after voting them into power is very different.
His Ministers and administrative Personnel are only loading their pockets with Ghanaians money. Building houses, buying big 4x4 cars and sharing our money among themselves, even in some judicial court administration sectors.
Prof. Mills please show more of your “SLOW BUT SURE” slogan before things get out of your hands.

FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg – Germany)