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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Columnist: Asamoah, Mark

Run Rawlingses run

The sad thing about Ghanaians is how much time and money they waist on divination
prophets. Any prophet that prophesy falsely is a false one and in the time of old,
they were killed to silent them forever from misleading the people of Israel. This
prophet would be left alone to mislead the Rawlingses forever. They are everywhere
in the society deceiving the poor for a handful of bread. Except this time he bought
a real meal ticket, the Rawlingses with the whole of Ghana’s money in their pocket.

JJ don’t fake any more support to our country’s elected president, go and hide, but
obviously because of your shamelessness, you would not shut up. That’s fine as this
is the beginning of your God awaiting punishment. God is not human that you can mock
at; he will make you your own orchestrator of downfall into an enormous shame not
that distant away. Keep talking until you end up talking yourself into hiding, your
wife has just begun. Were you not ashamed lifting the hands of your president who,
you should have given respect to a long time ago? Of cause not, you shameless after
all that you have said and wrongfully accused him of, all just because you formed a
party. That party will live but you are the least significant, you are history and a
terrible one for that matter.

I have prophesied your downfall in some of my comments, if you ever read and this is
the genesis. For those who live by the sword would die by the sword, but you shall
die of many terrors as you have orchestrated unto others. The days are coming when
you would be booed everywhere you open that your filthy mouth. The days are coming
when you would wish the earth to open up and swallow you. The days are coming when
you would wish someone to take your life. Even worst your days are marked when the
media would announce your failed attempted suicide. You would wish your fate to be
like your predecessors those you murdered, but that would be too easy for you to
depart into hell. But God so loved the world and has given you another chance to
repent. Take it, heed to my advice and you shall live. He is willing to forgive