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Opinions of Friday, 2 June 2017

Columnist: Richard Sarpong

Risarp's Folder: We are all guilty of instant justice

If indeed the land of the dead is a country as our elders say, then, Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama would certainly tell his family there a bitter story about his journey to the land of silence. He died a bitter death, a death that still pays doubts in the mind of some of us.

I am by this piece paying my last respect and homage to a soldier who died a painful death. A soldier who sacrificed his life for the very people he was determined to protect. Max, with all his heart wanted the best for his best friends but yet unknown enemies. The people of Denkyira Oboase has done a great disservice to Ghana and the day of captain Mahama. It's a pity how a gentleman by attitude lost his life whiles he spared the lives of those who had threatened to take his life.

Captain Max, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. To the bereaved family, accept my deepest condolences. It is very bitter to swallow but I can only urge you to take heart. RIP Max!!

It's unfortunate the whole incident just happened. But I am somehow not surprised looking at the country and the people we live in. We call them our a fellow nationals but in reality we are each other's enemy in one way or the other.

Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama was not lucky to have fell into the trap of his wicked fellows, his own country men and women. The Ghanaian society we live now embraces stupidity and wickedness than anything. I was shocked to see in the video women, even women jubilating over the slow murdering of an innocent cop officer. Could these be good mothers? To me, No!!

They are so heartless and wicked to be called mothers.

In as much as I do regret and condemn such incidents in the highestmanner, there is one thing I have observed in this country. When it comes to MOB or instant justice, we are all very guilty of it. The
security agencies and civilians cannot be innocent in this canker. It's just a pity.

I could recall a situation in the northern region few months ago where a team of military personnel had to beat a young man mercilessly for stealing a mobile phone. I have also witnessed a situation of 4 military men molest an innocent driver on a journey from Ejura Sekyeredumase to Kumasi. His crime was over speeding. These military guys who was driving in a Golf 3 car overtook my uncle and I who were also from the same town as the soldiers. Some few minutes later, when met an innocent man kneeling on the tarred road side and receiving strokes of palm lashes from these soldiers. His crime was his attempt to do what exactly these soldiers did to my uncle and I, overtaking with a high speed. It took the intervention of my uncle who is a chief and had dressed as such to plead on the innocent man's behalf. Is it not a pity? I do not support over speeding on our roads but I think the soldiers could have dragged this driver to a police station at Mampong because we were not far from the area when the incident happened. But MOB justice is what they thought could quench their thirst. In a similar manner, I have also seen a police man being beaten to unconsciousness by civilians in Asankragwa when the said police man was alleged to have slept with someone's wife. These can't only be the many histories of both civilians and security agencies taking the law into their own hands. This is why I say we are all guilty of instant justice.

It is time we stood up as a country. We should not embrace such crimes like a new baby to a family. Unfortunately, usually, innocent persons have been victims of this cancer. Ghanaians are very wicked. We have no respect for our fellow's life. We now enjoy killing someone at the vent of any crime..... the late Captain Maxwell was a victim of such devilish delight of wicked Ghanaians. I wish this could be the last but could it be?

In situations like this, we need actions oriented leaders but not talkertives. Just like the DCE for that area, he is the worst talkertives I have ever seen all my life. No wonder he has been relieved of his post by the president. That should not only be the end of this cruel case, the police and security agencies must up their heads this time. The perpetrators of such wicked act must not go Scot free as it has always been the case. Some people must be held responsible and appropriate sanctions given out. The politics in this country must be made to stay away from this situation. The police should also spare us their usual professional sentence of "investigations are still ongoing". They should sit up this time. The politicians and our chiefs should also stay away from this one. That attitude of chiefs and politicians influencing justice for crime perpetrators in this country must stop. At least, the young children of captain Mahama should grow to hear that their father was innocently killed by some people and they were punished for that. This unlike the opposite, this will bring a little relief to these kids. This should not take more than 6months for justice to be seen because fortunately, there are video and pictorial evidence of these nation reckless. Justice delayed breeds injustice.

To my personal believe, the military should take it soft with the people because not anybody in that village supported or would support the killing of the captain. I feel that some innocent persons are
being victimized. Let's the law take it course and leave vengeance to God. For this crime, it can not be pardonable.

Justice for Mahama now!!

The writer:
Richard Sarpong
( a heartbroken citizen)

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