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Opinions of Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Columnist: Dr. APC's Desk

One year of productive and transparent leadership of his Excellency, Nana Addo

It has been said that "he who calls for equity should come with clean hands". That is exactly what His Excellency Nana Addo has done. Nana has proven that indeed he is beyond Corruption and a promise deliverer.

Again, it has manifested clearly that His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo is a man of his words. He is a man who walks the talk. He is the man who fulfils what he has promised. Everything that Nana Addo promised, He has done it and even more. God has been merciful and truthful to his servant, Nana Addo and has made many of the promises he gave Ghanaians come to pass.

Permit me to remind you of at least *50*of the achievements of Mr. President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo in one year, despite the difficulties.

1. Ministerial Appointments on a record time since the inception of the 4th republic.

2. Stabilization of Electricity, No Dumsor.

3. Restoration of Nursing Training Allowance.

4. Restoration of Teacher Training Allowance.

5. Establishment of GPS Address System.

6. Introduction of Artificial Pollination to boost Cocoa production.

7. Digital and Property addressing system

8. Implementation of Free SHS.

9. Stoppage of Illegal Mining (Galamsey).

10. Establishment of Special Prosecutor.

11. The establishment of Development Authorities e.g. Coastal, Middle Belt, Northern Development Authorities.

12. Planting for Food and Jobs. Over 200,000 Farmers enrolled.

13. Reviving and the Resuscitation of NHIS.

14. Payment of over 70% debts owed NHIS Service Providers.

15. One District one Factory Policy enrolled.

16. One District one Warehouse Policy enrolled.

17. Expansion of School Feeding Policy.

18. Expansion of Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP).

19. Reduction of Inflation from inherited 16% to 11%.

20. Growth rate has increased from 3.5% - 9.3%

21. Visitations by various European Heads of State to Ghana for bilateral talks on development. e.g. France, Britain, Germany. etc.

22. Dìalogue with Opposition Political Parties .

23. Retrofitting and Refurbishment of Tema Oil Refinery.

24. Implementation of Paperless Port System.

25. Establishment of Zongo Development Fund

26. Withdrawal of Unpopular towing levy system

27. Withdrawal of Unpopular First Aid Kit from DVLA(A listening government).

28. Abolishing of Obnoxious taxes.

29. Withdrawal of TV License.( a listening government)

30. Payment of BECE Registration for Final year JHS students.

31. Recruitment of over 7,500 Youth into the Youth Employment.

32. Increment of National Service allowance from GH¢350.00 - GH¢559.00.

33. Reducing Nursing Training forms from GH¢160.00 - GH¢100.00.

34. Abolishing of huge taxes on Kayaye's.

35. Maintaining Cocoa price despite decrease in World Market Price.

36. Ghana National Identification take off.

37. Reduced 17.5% Vat to 3% flat rate.

38. Employing over 11,000 Health Workers.

39. Raised Peace Keeping Allowance from $31 to $35.

40. Reduced Petroleum products by 70%.

41. $100 million NEIP fund established.

42. Reduction of Policy Rate of Bank of Ghana from inherited 26.5% to current 21%.

43. Reduction of the price of Fertilizer by 50%.

44. Payment of Research and Book Allowance to Lectures.

45. Payment of inherited debts to Contractors.

46. Teachers arrears from 2013 paid.

47. Reduction of Security Personnel Entry Forms from ¢100.00 to ¢50.00.

48. Preventing Zoom Lion Ghana from milking the Nation ¢440 million.

49. Retrieving ¢12 million from Ibrahim Mahama for evading taxes.

50. Payment of inherited Feeding Grants debts in the 3 Northern regions.

Fellow Ghanaians if the above achievements are anything to go by, then Mr. President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has done more than what an eight year President would have done. All these in just one year. This makes Mr. President an extraordinary President in this 25 years history of our 4th republic.

These achievements are monumental and need commendations. If Mr. President says he is in a hurry to move Ghana beyond aid, the above enumerated achievements speak as evidential proof.

The President and his able ministers cum C.E.Os have greatly done well and has taken Ghana to the next level in our developmental agenda.

With the supersonic speed in 2018, the government will push the Country beyond reach.

A critical assessment of the gains by the will score Mr. President and his team 85%.

Kudos Mr. President

Long live Nana Addo

Long live NPP

Long live Ghana