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Opinions of Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Richard Quashigah and Atta Mills are Criminals

Richard Quashigah recently announced that he is not happy with the NPP election which saw Nana Addo win roughly 80 percent of the vote. As I read his comment I couldn’t help but think that the NDCwas a party of criminals. How could a party that has yet to fix the Electricity and Water problems have the audacity to criticize another’s party’s election of their flag bearer? I arrived at the conclusion that it is only a Criminal that can do that.

In crime there is the art of distraction. That is to say, many criminals pounce on the vulnerable when they are least aware and in a state of distraction. This in essence describes what the NDCis trying to do. Namely, the NDChas failed on Health care, providing of essentials and, every other quantifiable measurement of governance thus, the party has resorted to digging their hands in areas which have no real bearing on what the next 2 years will look like. Instead of planning and, informing Ghanaians of plans for the next 2 years the NDCis rather wasting time thinking about the NPP. What type of criminals have we elected?

The last 2 years under this Mills Administration has been a farce because; he has governed as if he is running for office instead of governing with conviction. He has failed to announce real policy changes which will push Ghanaforward instead, he has used the government and government institutions like the BNIto promote terrorism while denying the Ghanaian people of the basics we need… Upon evaluating their chances for 2012 the NDChas deemed in necessary to put the focus on the NPP to distract Ghanaians from their failures. Namely, the economy of Ghanaworks less for people under this administration. People are struggling to make it in Atta Mills Ghana and, some need change to simply survive. Will the NDC’s methods of distraction work?

The Answer is NO. If you are hungry who cares about what Richard Quashigah has to say? When the health care you are dealing with is sub par and, even the best hospitals in are not doing as well as they should be who cares what Richard Quashigah thinks? Why is Atta Mills not working on these things and, is rather focusing on the NPP? Does he think Ghanarevolves under the two parties alone?

The only answer is simply that we have criminals in power who are in power for the sake of being in power rather than to help the masses who need a brave vibrant leader. That is when you have corrupt deals like the gold deal, the Tsikata Oil deal, the stealing of cars, the STX housing deal (which must be audited), world cup political fans sent to South Africa etc etc one can simply conclude that the people in power are in power for the sake of being in power and, not to serve.. This is an administration which made parts of Ghanaso bad that some chose to be refugees in Togorather than live under its governance. This is an administration which is still struggling to solve conflicts in part of the country. Why does Richard Quashigah not focus on that?

Simply put, Atta Mills and Richard Quashigah are Criminals…

Penname: Transient Justice