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Opinions of Sunday, 10 October 2010

Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred

Reviewing Development

Development- this is the progress that is made or being made in everything, be it social, economic, political and ones physical being. Development in Ghana can be classified among one or two categories named above.

The economic development of Ghana has grown steadily, but that does not mean to say that Ghana is developed in its economic sphere. Ghana's economy must grow to a limit that it will be able to increase the standard of living of the people in the country with a sustained growth from a simple middle income economy to a modern high-income economy. Economic development also depends on the technological level of the country, economic development actually involves improvement in a variety of indicators such as, literacy rates, life expectancy and poverty rate. Ghana's economic development must really be on the health and education of its citizens. Youth development should be adopted in order to arrive at the full face of development. In Ghana the youth form the larger population of the country and therefore they must be equipped with cognitive, social, and emotional skills and abilities required to navigate life as well as jobs, and through this the youth will be able to positively affect the country. Some of the youth of the country are unemployed and the fact is that a few of them are not educated, the rest without gainful jobs and the others because of bad behavior and attitude towards work and so on. When these youths are not given these necessary requirements of live, they turn to other things that they claim are jobs. When this happens the development pattern of the country changes, which results in making lives unbearable for the most. Thank God for the National Youth Employment Program (NYEP), this has been the hope for the youth in recent time. Another aspect that Ghana need to think about as far as development is concern is the personal aspect of development, personal development is not by accident but it is by nature, purposeful and guided from within. Personal development starts from the mind, when Ghanaians are able to build up a type of mindset that will not attack development but rather aid development there will be the assurance that Ghana will keep climbing the development ladder and will never descend. Considering that fact that a Ghanaian drinks a sachet of water and then litter the streets of Ghana with the sachet instead of placing the sachet at the right place. Most Ghanaians do things that they know retards development and yet still they do it with the reason that "the government is the one responsible to the task of cleaning the country." Development can not get to the highest level if the government works in isolation. Development in Ghana as been very sustained in the past decade of years, the resources of the country has been used judiciously to meet human needs and also to preserve the environmentso that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come. Ghanaians must learn to preserve the trees and other natural resources as well as the water bodies.

The actors in development are the government, individual, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)s, private companies, household and the like. A strong point is that until Ghanaians develop a new mindset that will help their personality and the country there can be no development, the various actors need to ensure that they work together in order to achieve success in development. The non-governmental agencies and other actors must come to the aid of Ghana in terms of development, for in isolation development comes to a stand-still.

Alfred Lamptey Political science 2 Knust