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Opinions of Saturday, 27 March 2010

Columnist: Prah, Prince

Gov’t Blows Billions On Rawlings’ Mansion!

From a revolutionary with Marxist leanings, former President Jerry John Rawlings has developed tastes like those of an Arab oil sheik and the royalty of England. No amount of luxury is too good for him!

From very humble beginnings as the son of a struggling single mother, the former President’s taste has improved significantly, to the extent that the powers that be are beginning to balk at some of his extraordinary demands for the house that is being prepared for his occupancy at Ridge, near the Boom Junction where his old residence recently burnt down under strange circumstances.

So far, this blog has learned that the government of Ghana has spent billions and is still spending on the seven-room mansion the former President is set to occupy at Ridge and his many and exoteric demands are beginning to raise eyebrows.

To begin with, the former President had the entire yard, which was full of luxuriant green grass when the building was occupied by former National Security Coordinator, Mr. Francis Poku, torn up and replanted.

In the process, the electricity cables that were underground were pulled up and passed overheard against the general code in the area.

Along with the re-grassing of the yard, this blog has learned that the old cemented pavements and yard were all torn up and redone, because apparently what was in place and used by former Security Guru, Mr. Francis Poku was not good enough. But it is on the house itself that no expense has been spared, this blog has been told.

To begin, all the plastering of all the walls, inside and outside, of the seven room mansion were torn down, to be re-plastered, in many places with tiles.

“With the exception of the ceiling, nothing was left standing,” a source at the Castle marveled.

Again, all the floorings in the house were torn up, and redone, in a futile search for bugs and because in the past very ‘unholy’ feet had walked on the flooring.

Also completely gutted and redone were all the bathrooms and toilets in all the executive suits as well as the complete kitchen.

Apparently the former President and family refused bluntly to use old appliances and facilities that other people had used before, no matter the conditions.

This blog has learned that whilst the ceiling had only new painting, all the innocent lighting fixtures in the house and chandeliers have also been replaced under the fear that they may contain eavesdropping equipment (bugs) from the old New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration.

Meanwhile this blog has learned that due to the traveling tastes of the former President, air-conditioning in the residence has been changed on three occasions, even though all the fittings were brand new with the excuse that they make too much noise.

But it is in the furnishings that the government has tried to out do itself, with imported shag carpeting and wall furnishings for all the rooms, special state of the art (all imported) furniture for the bedrooms, halls and den.

“The way they are pouring money into the place, even an oil sheik would pause before stepping into the luxury! It is special,” the source said.

Meanwhile highly placed sources at the National Security Secretariat have disputed our information as to the quantum of money spent on the Rawlings’ mansion, saying that even though it is being renovated as a temporary residence, our estimates were too high.

We have been told that over a million dollars would be spent on the building by the end of the renovations!

Source: prahprince-prince.blogspot.coms