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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Columnist: Musah Abdul Razak Churchill

Rethinking into Ghana's educational system

Students seated in a classroom Students seated in a classroom

It is about time we focused more on our talents than going to school.

Why should you worry if you can play football but get D in Geography? Is there a relationship anyway?

Why should you worry if you can sing but get C in Mathematics?

Why should you worry if you are unable to pass all your papers?

Is it the case that your life will be truncated without education?

What about those who didn't complete school like Thomas Edison(The bulb inventor),Bill Gates(richest man in the world),Aliko Dangote(richest man in Africa in 2008),Steve Jobs,Mark Zuckerberg(founder of Facebook),Richard Brianson(richest man in UK)and many others but are richer than those with degrees.

Did you know that Jack Ma, the CEO of was denied access severally in pursuing a career at the world's biggest university? Guess what, today he mounts same university's podium delivering a speech to many about how to become successful.

Thus, Schooling of late is assumed to be teaching individuals the following:

1.It teaches the child the love to be an employee rather than being an employer. This makes graduates holding their certificate in search for job instead of creating it.

2. It's time wasting .Why? Consider taking two people who are passionate about being lawyers and send one to the best law school and the other to stay with a law firm to learn. Check after five years,who will be better off?

3.It doesn't teach the child about how to be successful.Why should children be learning things that will have nothing to do with their success in schools?

Do you remember something like IUPAC name in science, imagine am a tailor now, what is the correlation?

What at all is our educational system integrating in us. Is it only about being knowledgeable of all things but lacking its practicality.

What about person's with a degree whose work doesn't earn them much?

Rethinking to restructure Ghana's educational system will help the country for the next 60 years.

By:Musah Abdul Razak Churchill