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Opinions of Sunday, 13 May 2018

Columnist: Elvis Figo Atia Awonekai

Response to a hypocritical political chameleon; Hassan Ayariga

My unseen friend,

The Binduri Activist in Accra.

Greetings from me to you and your boss Hassan Ayariga.I am your perceived friend, the frafra boy from Tanzui; the capital of Upper East Regional capital. I do not intend to distract you from your impending contest so I will make my article simple and short like a lady's mini skirt.

I usually do not read your articles because I cannot waste my precious time reading literature review. I am not an admirer of your pathetic writing because your choice of words depicts a university fresher being introduced to syntax.

I also do not believe in chew, pour and forget form of articles. I would not have been bothered reacting to the garbage oozed out as a rejoinder to my open letter to Mr John Dramani Mahama but I am being compelled to because you sought to mislead the public and tarnish my hard earn reputation.

Dauda, you admitted as I claim that the contract for Bolgatanga-Bawku road was awarded after the looter Government lost power in December 7, 2016 but pathetically tried to justify that Mr John Dramani Mahama was still the legitimate president then.

Isn't it hypocritical to deceive the people by cutting sod for a contract in July 11, 2016 without awarding it and finally awarding it without funding in December 2016 when you lost power?

Mr Mahama used the road fund as collateral for loans from a private bank to an amount of about GHc 1.5 billion from UBA for his reelection campaigns but continuosly signed road contracts using the already stressed road fund as guaruatee. No wonder he was referred to as incompetent.

We may need an Obinim sticker to undo the palpable falsehood put out by Mr Mahama in the NDC unity walk in Upper East Region when he appeared to incite the region against the workaholic and selfless Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo's government.

Assibid, i know your rejoinder was to achieve your political ambition of becoming the Regional Youth Organizer of National Democratic Congress (NDC) but not for the interest of the people of the people of Upper East Region. You may not understand the pain of our people because you operate from Accra where you ply on asphalt roads, so let us be.

Concluding, I welcome you to Upper East Region as you embark on your campaigns to become NDC Regional Youth Organizer. Please as you travel through the Dusty, Rusty and potholes throughout the districts do not complaint because that is the legacy of NDC.