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Opinions of Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Columnist: Ansah-Yeboah, Amakye

Resist The Pettiness Of Partisanship For Unity

Fellow Ghanaians,
The Spirit Of Our Common Purpose Towards Nation Building ourselves was what
inspired our leaders to commit themselves for our independence over 50
years ago. Since then we have experienced our fair share of setbacks for
over this half a century of our independence on the 6th March 1957. But our
generation has been presented with another opportunity to make a difference
which must be inspired with a different kind of spirit only invoked by our
common purpose to build our nation, blessed with immense natural and human
resources. We know our political parties, will continue to disagree on many
fronts; and none of them has all the solutions to our problems as a nation.
But the people expect them to be honest about the challenges of the nation.
At this critical time of our political history, it has become even the more
imperative, for our politicians to listen to each other, more so when they
disagree if we intend to prove to the people that indeed they are led by
the spirit of selflessness. The only way we can build our nation is to join
hand in unity, especially at a time when it becomes necessary for politics
to take the backseat, and the spirit of our common purpose in the driving

The victory associated with the change through which the 4th republic
constitution brought for our nation 20 years ago, was not the only change
we sought and settled for. But along this change, we were presented with
the opportunity to make that new order of freedom and justice to be
translated into progressive development and prosperity for the ordinary
people of Ghana. This cannot be possible, if we allowed the destruction of
everything we have built for the last 20 years to be hatched by a handful
of desperados. We can only thwart this, with a new spirit of commitment to
serve our nation, through patriotism, responsibility and unadulterated
sense of integrity. Let us commit ourselves, to this new spirit of
sacrifice, where each of us resolves to work harder towards of a new dawn
of our common purpose to build our nation.

Let us remind ourselves that if this 2012 election petition awaiting
judgement in the Supreme Court of Ghana in 3 days time thought us any
lesson at all, it is that we cannot allow anything to divide us. We should
resolve, as a society, to rise and fall as one nation and as one people.
Lets resist the temptation to fall back on the pettiness associated with
partisanship, which if allowed unchecked and get out of hand, will destroy
our unity as a people with a common purpose to build our nation. Sadly, the
evidence of this pettiness and what it can cause is all around us on our
African continent. Unfortunately, this immaturity has poisoned our politics
for 20 years now, and this is our time to put an end to it.

We should take this opportunity to heal back our division that has
obstructed our progress in more ways than one, into development and
economic prosperity for all our citizens. Partisanship has divided us with
a dangerous sense of enmity, but we are brothers and sisters who need to
focus on our common purpose to build our nation and make it prosperous for
all her citizens. Our passion for partisan politics may have strained our
unity, but we must not allow it to break our bond of affection for each
other as one people. We may not, and cannot belong to the same political
fraternity, but we need each other to make our common purpose to build our
nation a reality. There can be unity in diversity when we are guided by our
common purpose.

A new dawn of Ghanaian political leadership is in our hands. To those who
will selfishly plan evil for our nation, we will defeat you. To those who
believe and seek to protect our peace and security, we support you. Our
true strength for our unity comes from our ideals of democracy, freedom and
justice protected by our unyielding hope to making our democracy and the
rule of law and order function accordingly. How far we have come, gives us
hope for what we can achieve and will achieve in the years to come.

This election petition at the Supreme Court has many stories and will be
told for many generations to come. Let us ensure that they are positive
stories that will reveal this new dawn shaped by a people resolved with a
common purpose to unite and build our nation Ghana for a brighter tomorrow
for ourselves, our children and posterity beyond.

We have travelled a long way through the struggles and persevered with the
hope for a brighter future of liberty and a fairer society for all. It may
not be anywhere near being perfect, but where there is hope there is a
better tomorrow as we have made some progress against many odds through our
4th republic democratic dispensation since the early years. We have gone
through some dark periods in our political history, but we have come so far
and this is our time to keep the aspirations of our generation alive and
the hope of posterity preserved. We cannot fail ourselves and most
importantly our children.

Finally, I plead to my fellow Ghanaians and politicians in particular, to
search our hearts and minds, to reflect upon what progress we will hand
over to posterity when our independence is a century old in four and a half
decades into tomorrow’s future. This is our opportunity to answer that
calling; this is our time to open doors of opportunity for our people to
create wealth and a future for our children; this is our time to promote
the calls for peace and bring prosperity for all; this is our time to
ensure the basic truth that irrespective of our tribal differences and
political affiliations, we are one people, Ghanaian Citizens, as printed in
our passports. United, we must stand together to build our nation to create
wealth and prosperity for all the people irrespective of our political
differences and affiliations.

God bless the people of Ghana.
God bless Ghana.
Founding CED, Common Purpose Alliance Ghana, CPAG