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Opinions of Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Columnist: Bulley, Berlinda

Resist Ghana being taken over by selfish people

The National Women’s Coordinator of the Progressive People’s Party posited that it is the duty of well meaning Ghanaians to fight aggressively for the betterment of Ghana. According to her, “posterity will judge our generation if we do not carry out our civic responsibility”. She maintained that good people have the responsibility to resist with all their might the country being taken over by selfish people.

The Women’s Coordinator said this at a National Women’s Strategic Meeting held on Saturday, 30th November in the Central Region. The meeting was among other things to map out a development plan on how to build the party and ensure that more women/people are developed and involved in the politicking in Ghana since women are really the bedrock of Ghana. Members discussed issues pertaining internally and measures to be taken for rectifications and necessary positive impact.

There were updates on what has been happening on the grounds from the various regions. Reports indicated that many people are disenchanted in the country and are looking for real practical solutions. Mary Ankomah, the National Vice Chairperson posited that the PPP is now the party many want to be associated with and help to grow so the party has a responsibility not to fail Ghanaians.

The women pledged to reach every corner in the country to draw people to the party while establishing effective networks with the many Ghanaians who are already attracted to the party. The Progressive Women unanimously agreed that current political dispensation is not helping the country and therefore it is necessary for voters to be educated tirelessly that every vote cast shapes their destiny and the country as well. To this, members were tasked to ensure that the voice for the call of effective leadership is very loud and present everywhere. The 2012 Running Mate discussed with the women on how to build upon their skills and develop new ones individually to have a much more positive impact in their various environments.

The women assured Ghanaians that the PPP is the only party seeking the interests of Ghanaians and encouraged all to shake off the perception of the party being too new to govern the country. They maintained that in all spheres of life, competence, dedication, and commitment are the main pillars and the PPP is noted to embody all that.

Berlinda Bulley

National Women’s Cordinator