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Opinions of Saturday, 8 January 2011

Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred

Reshuffling, Right Or Wrong?

The ministerial reshuffle that was announced by a press release signed by the secretary of the president (J.K.Bebaako-Mensah) on Tuesday, 4th of January 2011, has brought a lot of debate among the general public both young and old. And most questions that most people are asking are why?

The president have the responsibility to choose the ministers he want to work with and when he will like to work with these peoples or ministers, but all this must work for the good of the country and i know the president knows best. The reshuffling affected ten ministries including ministry of interior, ministry of justice and ministry of natural resources, and also including other deputies. Other major ministries were spared, such ministries include, ministry of finance, ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of defense. Some of the ministers were changed and others were moved to other ministries, such ministers include: Martin Amidu, who was moved from interior to attorney general, and Betty Mould Iddrisu was also moved from attorney general to education; these changes have brought criticisms from all corners of this country but Ghanaians need to have the patience to wait for the good things that the president is having for the country and its people.

The"wahala" about this reshuffling rotate around the moving of Martin Amidu who was moved from interior to attorney general and Betty Mould Iddrisu from attorney general to education. Ministerial reshuffling of a country is to ensure effective and rational operations within the various ministries and for good results that will enhance development in the country. Some ministers are too good and therefore must be operated among various ministries so as to bring development among those sectors, this is due to the broad mindedness of the ministers and other ministers are exposed for their ineffective attitude that do not aid development in their various ministries talk-less about the development of the whole country.

Reshuffling will aid to prevent corruption among the ministers and the various ministries which will save the image of the country and the bring about development which is the aid of all governments. Also when ministers are kept at one position for a very long time they tend to another behavior pattern which includes being reluctant in their operations and also rendering their services.

This issue should not be a political or partisan issue but it should be taken with the right mind and heart so as to bring development into the country. Criticisms are welcome but the president knows the right things for this country.

Lamptey Alfred