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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Columnist: Ashong, Nii Tettey

Reply Letter From Foot Soldier To KSM

Hello KSM,
indeed being long, I’m doing very well except that I can’t make time to watch
your show these days because of my busy schedules. Don’t ask me if I’m busy
addressing foot soldiers? Indeed, I received your letter with much excitement
knowing that at least you make time out of your comic schedules to monitor what
goes on within the political space especially with the recent call I made to
members of my party’s youth wing.
KSM, it
will interest you to know that after your letter, I went for the tapes to
listen thoroughly to the things I said, I realized that what I spewed out
smacked of violence and could be destructive to this country and my party, I guess
my emotions carried me away but trust me; anytime I listen to the tapes again,
I become even more remorseful. I took with particular interest the part of your
letter which admonished me to “understand the importance of inspiring hope
without planting seeds of agitation” and especially when you requested that I
master the ability to ignite unconditional optimism amongst the youth wing of
my party. Bra Kweku ei! I must confess that I haven’t heard such refreshing
exhortations in a long time. But do you have to blame me fully? Each time I
tune in my radio in the morning, what do I hear? Party communicators at the
throat of each other, senior politicians making ethnocentric and violent calls,
government officials using abusive languages and worse of all serial callers
some of whom I’ve worked closely with, casting
silly aspersions on the character of our national leaders.
did you say your heart was broken after you heard my reference to Rwanda? Masa,
stop!!! “Kpa kwraa” don’t even worry about sponsoring foot soldiers to go to
Rwanda. The movie, HOTEL RWANDA tells the story enough. I managed to send the
copy of the movie to a few young friends in the party who had no seen it. Indeed,
human beings can degenerate into the
lowest state of inhumanity. I feel even more ashamed over my pronouncements and
I think that every leader or young politician who has either consciously or
otherwise made similar unwarranted calls should give it a second thought.
worried about recent happenings; where pockets of violence have been recorded
in about seven regions in the country. It’s a cause for alarm especially when
in about six months; we are going to the polls. Please join me to call on the
security forces to be more responsive and alert as well as the good people of
this country to exercise some restraint. I would very much want you to know,
KSM, that my interest in this year’s election has not waivered a bit,
especially when I’m of the conviction that my party and my presidential
candidate have the best programs and policies to make this country even better.
However, NEVER should violence be an option. I think every young Ghanaian must
understand that elections are not necessarily about violence or who can yell
insults the fastest. It’s merely a contest of ideas and we must say No to
politicians who tickle our energies by charging us to go and fight for them to
win power irrespective of which part of the political divide they belong to.
The truth is, I’m just 26 and I don’t want to die this young; neither do I want
any Ghanaian to die. Ghana needs us after this election. Indeed, KSM, I hope God
forgives anybody who
plants the seed of violence in this country. We are a peace loving people. And
we must even GET UNITED NOW for Peace irrespective of our divergent ideologies
and opinions. I’m committed to a new campaign for peace and unity and
responsible youthfulness where our energies would be channeled productively to
ensure national progress. This must be a clarion call to all young leaders and
political actors in this country. Indeed, GHANA FIRST!!!
KSM, it would interest you to know that Methodist Hymn 899 is my all time
favourite and every young citizen must ponder over these words of Rudyard
Kipling, (1865 – 1936)
of our Birth, we pledge to thee
love and toil in the years to be;
we are grown, and take our place,
men and women with our race.
God Bless you KSM and it was good hearing from you.

More love from
KUMI a.k.a Ghana

Tettey Ashong