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Opinions of Friday, 26 December 2008

Columnist: Boateng, Kwaku

Double Standards of Dr. Nduom

Ghanaians have demonstrated that they have their ears on the ground; eyes widely opened and can smell any suspicious political smell that has the tendency to suffocate them.

Resulting from the presidential debates during the campaign, I heard several people suggest that Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum performed well in both debates. The suggestion was that the debates will improve his fortunes and afford him a reasonable showing which will eventually greatly affect the outcome of the elections. Some friends went as far as giving CPP between 6 and 12 percentage marks in the election. I argued that although CPP had the good chance of pulling surprises in the election because electorates were fed up with both the NPP and NDC, CPP cannot benefit either under Dr. Ndoum because Dr. Ndoum could not be TRUSTED.


1. The highly publicized perceived SFO report indicting him of wrong doing.

2. His inability to discipline Hon. Freddy Blay (Ellembele Mugabe) and allowing him to stand on CPP ticket.

3. The call by some party executives for him to be replaced (esp. CPP-USA).

4. The perception that he is in bed with the ruling NPP

5. He made a lot of noise during the protest against the sale of Ghana Telecom but when it came to voting he refused to vote. He remained NEUTRAL.

How did he perform eventually? POORLY

Second Round

During the campaign, CPP was campaigning on the issue of CHANGE. Indeed, both the CPP and PNC were campaigning for change. Obviously, they are opposed to the principles and philosophies of the ruling NPP. Not only was the CPP also campaigning on the issue of CHANGE with the NDC but have similar philosophical underpinnings.

Now that the time has come for Dr.Ndoum to demonstrate his sincerity to Ghanaians his urgent need for CHANGE, he is constrained and telling Ghanaians he is NEUTRAL. This is unbelievable. To say the least, I find this stand of Dr. Ndoum, double standards of extraordinary proportions and I feel highly vindicated on my thoughts of Dr. Ndoum. Clearly, Dr. Ndoum was not ready to be president of Ghana. He was only used against the admirable PROF. AKOSA who could have given the NPP and NDC the run for their money. Dr. Ndoum’s aim has been achieved.

My opinion is that if Dr. Ndoum cannot take a simple decision of either aligning with NPP or NDC, then his leadership would have been worse than that of the NPP in deciding for example, whether a change is needed in the management of the School Feeding Programme which is currently a health hazard to the school pupils or whether Dr. Richard Anane should be sacked for the disgraceful act he visited on Ghanaians in his high office. In fact, I believe Dr. Ndoum would have been NEUTRAL on any of these concerns.

The CPP top executives should know that Dr. Ndoum is not the party. The earlier they come out to issue a statement as a serious party really calling and supporting CHANGE, the better it will be for them in building and cementing the trust and confidence in their supporters for the future. I must say however that supporting a particular party does necessarily mean all CPP sympathizers will vote for that party. It is just a commitment to show your seriousness as a party.

Perhaps Dr. Ndoum thinks this is the last stop of CPP. Anyway, it is not late for Dr. Ndoum to prove me wrong by declaring support for one party or the other. It does not matter if it’s the NPP as the NPP have themselves declared that he is their man. At least he will be seen as being decisive and his own man.


Dr. Ndoum is on a countrywide thanksgiving tour. I wonder why that adventure at this time. Couldn’t he have waited after the second round when things have settled down? Without being mischievous, I am asking because I guess Nana Addo and Atta Mills are also going about campaigning. What is Dr. Ndoum telling the people and what is his targeted achievement in this exercise? I thought he has four good years to try again although I doubt very much if the CPP will attempt endorsing him the second time. I will be surprise however to hear Dr. Ndoum tell me he has done his after election evaluation and has decided to start his 2012 campaign now. In fact, once there is life, I will live to know the outcome of the next CPP congress to choose a flagbearer.

We are watching. Don’t disintegrate the CPP. It can be a formidable opposition party if they find a non-blemish leader.

Credit: Kwaku Boateng