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Opinions of Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Columnist: Richard Nyamah

Release report on CHRAJ boss now

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I am calling on the President HE John Dramani Mahama to as a matter of urgency publish the findings of the Justice Anin Yeboah committee report without further delay.

It took some eight torturous months of painstaking investigations, evidence in chief, cross-examination, responses, and re-examinations among others to complete.

The processes leading to the final report led to civil society organizations such as Ghana Integrity Initiative to complain of undue delay. The least of my expectations therefore is any further delays by the Presidency.

I am of the view that the current committee sitting on the Anas’s investigations into the Judiciary will largely benefit from the Anin Yeboah report especially in terms of practice and procedure of the committee sittings. The earlier the report is published, the better for the fight against corruption.

I would also want to use this opportunity to call on the Chief Justice to automate the committee set up to look into the Anas corruption cases.

It is said that justice delayed is justice denied. With over 34 such cases to appear before the committee, the situation where the members of the committee take notes in long hand, have their secretaries type them out, proof read before compilation will unnecessarily delay an already laborious process.

If one case took eight months to complete, I shudder to think how long 34 such cases albeit more complicated will take.

The Chief Justice should therefore, empower the committee with all the modern technological tools needed to speed up the process which should result in early resolution of the cases before the committee.