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Rejoinder on rot at Dur, Kumasi
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Opinions of Thursday, 17 October 2013

Columnist: Antwi, Prince David

Rejoinder on rot at Dur, Kumasi



My attention has been drawn to your rather fixated piece on Ghanaweb (Monday, 07 October 2013, opinion column). Even though your story is pregnant with bundles of contradictions concerning the way and manner you related the various characters, I will proceed to expose your wicked agenda aimed at maligning these innocent officers.

Oh My God! I never believed you were serious about this architecture when a friend of mine told me that you actually said and I quote “I WILL MAKE THESE GUYS SMELL PEPPER SINCE THEY FAILED TO FASCILITATE THE INCLUSION OF MY COMPANY IN THE 2013 CONTRACT AWARDS” How could a Christian neatly refer to his bible story lessons and yet fabricate such stories on people. Hmmm! Some Christians indeed!! At this point my brother, let me reveal your true identity to Ghanaians. Your initials are; EA and your company is E. Company Limited. In any case, why would you have to disguise yourself if you believed your accusations have merit and locus. Mr Meriga, isn’t it ironic that you are so much concerned about the Kumasi Metro Roads Unit whiles you reside far away in Accra New Town? AS3M B3BA D3BI. In fact, if I were you, I will rather report these officers to the appropriate law enforcement agencies to deal with them ruthlessly without mercy. Be bold and wise.

Let me ask, did you have to bribe them when your company was considered for the 2011 & 2012 awards? Why have they suddenly become corrupt? Could it also be because your company was disqualified for the 2013 awards? I understand it was because of your poor workmanship and lack of regard for lay down procedures that cost you the job. During the time your company was engaged by the department, did you ever act as surrogate to work for any of them? Furthermore, were you working with corrupt officers when they had to raise more than 12 interim payment certificates for your company? Oh bro, please come off this and stop the black mail tactics.

I just did some checks at their office and was shown some correspondence in relation to your company. You made a claim of 19, 200 Ghana cedis for retentions due you. Upon their due diligence by way of conducting site inspections, the amount has been reviewed down wards to 12,000 Ghana cedis. I have no doubt that this is what actually pushed you to do this unsubstantiated and faked story. As for someone’s extra marital affairs I wished I don’t comment on it. In fact I don’t want to be a kettle that will prefer to label the pot as black. How could you, MR. EA, who has suddenly transmogrified himself into Ibrahim Mohamoud Meriga from New Town, dare to write about others extra marital affairs, the end times might be just a foot away. Well, take my admonition and pledge never to even attempt repeating this. Knowing you, I can see because of your desperation to malign and destroy these officers, you never even bothered to read; JOHN 8:7 – IF ANYONE OF YOU IS WITHOUT A SIN, LET HIM BE THE FIRST TO THROW A STONE AT HER. Nonetheless, you have defied this scripture and thrown the stones at them. Hmm, I’m very much concerned about you and so I live you with yet another scripture;

WHY, THEN, DO YOU LOOK AT THE STRAW IN YOUR BROTHER’S EYE BUT DO NOT NOTICE THE RAFTER IN YOUR OWN EYE. (MATHEW 7:3-5) In my conclusion, let me state that you have not changed one bit since the time I have known you. You will do anything to malign and destroy even your best friends when it matters. No wonder you are an *PP activist. Please don’t apply these your usual dirty tactics on these innocent men. I have decided to react to your clearly malicious write up merely because I personally know these officers and can vouch for their integrity when it comes to the way and manner they discharge of their duties. I have worked with them and their office, and I know what I’m talking about, just be candid for once and stop this empty destruction.

Let me in conclusion warn that this part 1 of my reaction will be mute on your fraudulent deals in UK which cost you your job at the bank (name of bank, exact fraud case and bank location withheld in the interim). We must not destroy others hard won reputations because of our parochial and individualistic interest.



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