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Opinions of Sunday, 21 February 2016

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fabi

Rejoinder: The Cargo called Nana Addo “Dankwah” Akufo-Addo

By Fadi Dabbousi

Charles McCarthy must be delirious or suffering some sort of psychosis that makes him an extreme nut case. He can’t even spell Nana’s name, too. Well, if it will serve to pep his memory up, John Mahama campaigned with much disgrace and absolute disregard to the dignity of Ghanaians. It is still fresh in people’s minds his indecorous use of inappropriate language as a public speaker such as “baloney”, “rubbish”, “nonsense”, “Ghanaians have short memories”, “the meat is finished and we’re down to the bones”, etc. The ludicrous insults that he had since heaped on Ghanaians can least be described as monstrous.

Then, this licentious ignoramus, Charles McCarthy, decides to impress his pay masters by slapping himself in the face. Talking about rabid characters, his comrades in the NDC camp have taken the meaning of the word “rabid” to extra levels. Look who is calling the pot black! The empty barrels that make up the NDC party are many. Asiedu Nketia was a patient at a psychiatric hospital. He makes many idiotic fallacies that do not add up. Kofi Adams is the charlatan of our time. Kokoon Anyidaho is a dunderhead who speaks more rot than society can handle. Alhaji Bature is the greatest liar who ever breathed in post biblical times.
What has Nana Akufo-Addo said and done that the NDC is so distraught about, churning up lies upon lies? They employ new foul mouths to spew such unfounded insults on this honourable man. Is it because he is going to take the war on corruption to colossal levels when he is in power to force the NDC thieves to regurgitate what they have stolen? The justification for his Presidency comes in many packages some of which are: 1. the respect he commands within the international community and 2. the fact that he is the only Ghanaian politician to be ranked as one of the most influential people in Africa. These are just two amongst a host of other reasons why the nation is yearning for him.
When John Mahama became President, he could barely buy underwear to cover his arse, figuratively speaking. His wife was a petty oil trader who imported oil from Malaysia using a now defunct bank to obtain loans for the purpose. Today the two are amongst the richest in Ghana. On the contrary, who said Nana Akufo-Addo is bankrupt. Thank GOD he remains as financially and morally sound as he has always been, unlike the thieves in the NDC who want Power just to fill their pockets from the national coffers.
Talking about cowboys, John Mahama was the “heeehaw” vaquero who posed at CNN, and in bed with Andrew Solomon. Charles McCarthy may be a kid who did not experience the dark days of terrorism under his explosive Godfather, JJ Rawlings, who survived on the flow of innocent people’s blood. The NDC was his creation, a party tainted with the demise of peaceful Ghanaians whose only crime was the urgency to survive in peace.
Who could be more uncouth than Charles McCarthy, describing a gem in our midst as a cargo? Is this unruly nepotistic fellow for real?
John Mahama is commissioning which projects? Do you call the overpriced Kwame Nkrumah interchange a project? The angles of the flyovers are so acute that they will be the cause of major carnage after completion? How about the Kejetia project that was said to actually cost nine million US Dollars only for the bill to be raised to 290 million? Are you that stupid? He rushed to inaugurate the Bui dam and the electricity went dead just as the light came on in his head. He commissioned a gutter at Nima, invited the press, and all he could do was build a wall that was 10 meter long by 5 meters high, approximately. Just join the Kanda highway coming from Accra Girls Secondary school, and you will see it with your blind eyes. He commissioned some school projects, but nothing happened. Less than 10% were completed and the foundations of some were left to the mercy of the weather to ruin. Commissioning of what projects? I beg your pardon!
Ghana’s debt shot up from 8 billion dollars to over forty billion dollars under the vexatious presidency of John Mahama, and you are abusing Nana Akufo-Addo as if it was him who piled up the debt on the nation. The fustian indulgence and excessive thievery of the NDC government brought us to where we are today. Have you forgotten that recently Haruna Iddrisu squandered one million Cedis on just one unnecessary trip to Switzerland, where he feasted on banquet buffets while Ghanaians went hungry? Are you people human beings or goats?
You say Nana has expensive taste? Well live with it korasene (village boy)! He is an exquisite human being, and his family is too. But he does not dish out expensive land cruisers to scamps for insulting his adversaries. Oh just asking, “Did John Mahama promise you one?” When it comes to clandestine issues, John Mahama recently sacked some high ranking officers in the upper echelons of the Military, and replaced them with his tribesmen. He sacked the Ewes from many positions and replaced them with Gonjas. Look further than your flat nose, and you will see that most of those in his circles are of his own. In fact he is the one who told Northerners to vote for him because he was one of them. Your crass bigotry seems to have no end. Learn to be a human being and not a DEAD GOAT!!!
Under the NDC government all that the nation has produced are bottom shaking immoral characters fanned by the evil machinations of people like John Dumelor and Afia Schwarzenegger. Even Cocoa production has slipped to 740,000 tonnes from the one million tonnes that it got to under the NPP.
Ay3 ka!!!