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Opinions of Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Columnist: Seshie-Vandserpuije, Alex

Rejoinder: Mahama Sneaks Into the UK Unannounced

Our attention has been drawn to an article published on Ghana Web News Media on the 30 September 2012 captioned: "Mahama Sneaks Into the UK Unannounced; Refuses to meet Ghanaians....tells the party he is tired".

The article was purported to have been written by a self styled group called "NDC Youth For A Better Ghana, UK."

In the first instance, we wish to inform readers that there is no such group or NDC affiliate in the UK called "NDC Youth For A Better Ghana, UK".

Secondly, we wish to state that the NDC UK and Ireland Chapter did not initiate any process let alone planned to organise a meeting or forum for the President to meet the Ghanaian Community in the UK as alleged in the said article.

We wish to inform readers that there is no basis for the publication of such an article as the allegations contained therein are false and intentionally fabricated by such faceless persons to embarrass the President and the NDC UK & Ireland Chapter; and to cause disaffection among the Ghanaian community in the UK against the President.

The NDC UK & Ireland Chapter would like to put on record that the President arrived in the UK on the morning of Saturday 29 September 2012 in transit from New York where he addressed the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly. His presence in the UK coincided with the Chapter's monthly general meeting to which the President was invited to attend. Despite the jet lag and his tight schedules the president obliged and spent less than 45 minutes of his time to address the general membership of the NDC UK Chapter.

Mr Joseph Kobina, the Western Regional Secretary is not part of the NDC delegation to the UK Labour Party conference as alleged in the said article. The actual fact is that Mr Kobina, and the NDC Deputy General Secretary are in the UK to brief the UK Chapter on Party matters. The comments attributed to Mr Kobina in the article are false and have been written at the figment of the writer's imagination. If the writer intends to embarrass Mr Kobina for his sterling performance on various radio stations in the UK then has not heard anything yet.
We are very much aware that certain elements of our political opponents resort to the use of the internet, face book and other social forum to circulate false claims and to make unsubstantiated allegations against visiting NDC party and government officials to the UK. These actions will not distract us from the Better Ghana Agenda path which the NDC government under His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has chosen to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians; by providing good quality and accessible education for our children to which our opponents have no answer, provide improved and better social welfare benefits; improved infrastructure and agriculture production to bring food to the people of Ghana, improved and accessible health care services. The NDC government under President Mahama assures Ghanaians of continuous peace and stability in the country during and after the December elections. The NDC government aims to create a just and an equal society for the benefit of all Ghanaians no matter who they are or where they live.

As the December 2012 elections draw nearer, we expect more of such malicious articles and news fabrications from our political opponents who cannot argue on substantive matters. The NDC UK & Ireland Chapter would like to call on all discerning Ghanaians and readers to view such articles with contempt. It is an established fact that our political opponents have no message for Ghanaians during the forthcoming elections but are quick to resort to such mischievous activities to cover their shortcomings.

We call on all registered Ghanaians to Vote NDC for a Better Ghana come December 7

NDC- Ede Bee Keke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Seshie-Vandserpuije
Public Relations Officer
NDC UK and Ireland Chapter