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Opinions of Saturday, 8 March 2008

Columnist: Alex Adomako,

Rejoinder: Kumawu Constituency Deserves Better

It is quite amazing reading the sarcastic comments made by Messrs Kwasi Adjeman and Oppong of Agona-Akrofonso on the lucid article written by one Rockson Adofo titled, "Kumawu Constituency Deserves Better", as featured on Ghana web on 29 February 2008 edition. One wonders if these two guys were in their right frame of mind when passing their prejudicially irresponsible comments, a disservice in effect to both the writer and the sitting MP. The crux of the write-up was to signal to the Kumawu public office holders about their deviation and failure as regards their call to duty. Therefore to castigate the writer emphasizing on his job as a "watchman", an innuendo to belittle and viciously slur him is as silly as the comments passed.

It must be noted that being a watchman in Europe is far better than being a teacher in a primary school in a run-down or a tacky area of London. Furthermore, unlike the writer who is honest, dedicated in his service to humanity and stay on course in his dreams to ensure Kumawu gets a fair deal, Kwasi Adjeman, who behaving cowardly by impersonating, assuming a different name, is a crook who altered his deceased uncle's documented last wishes (will) to deny the beneficiaries, in this case the deceased's children, the bequeathed property. A dishonest crook at the very moment of his conception who desires same shameful fate for his relative, the sitting MP. He has done the MPs, especially the current one, a greater harm by rather failing to advise him than supporting his utter failure with the absurd defence. He should note that a proverb says, "It does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps". In whatever profession one is, it is required of them to deliver to expectation or else, the resultant incompetence will cost the person in question their job; be they a watchman, a sales assistant, a teacher or a Member of Parliament. Has Adjeman forgotten being a cleaner and a Kitchen porter once himself? Wise up, a braggart! If the job is difficult, advise him to resign honourably but not to linger on shamelessly. What ideas have you to carry Kumawu forward and on what single policy do you blame the writer for basing his views for rejecting the Kumawu MPs? I see nowhere in the article where he expresses a hate for them as person but their feet dragging attitudes.

Where at all in the article was Adofo suggesting to the MPs to shout and fight to make their views heard or granted? What has ones mere paper qualifications of MA and PhD got to do with competence if the evidence on the ground suggests otherwise? Ghana's downfall is partly due to the overly stupid reverence for irrelevant higher degree holders most of whom are practically incompetent. I therefore see the views expressed by Oppong from Agona-Akrofonso as nonsensical and completely incongruous. Should you think to milk the constituents dry by throwing dust in their eyes, then you have failed well in advance. Does heading a Legal Committee in Parliament transform to, or equate with, delivery of essential development to Kumawu Constituency? Have you ever heard of the word "importunity" and how it works even with God? Do a research on this in relation to how it can help MPs perform satisfactorily; then pass a comment relating it to how a MP can use it as an effective weapon to win over the government to granting his or her constituency their requests.

The writer is known for his truthfulness, honesty and unflinching desire to ensuring the Kumawu Constituency is not sidelined in the sharing of the national cake but which unfortunately is yet to materialize. Why? It is because of the dismal actions of people like the public office holders and their cronies who have it always as their determination to seek first the fulfilment of their abysmal pockets. Shame on them. We live in a democratic era which makes contesting for a public post an essential requirement. One has to compete with whomever the MPs are for the seat. It shouldn't be given to them cheaply even though they are found wanting in the delivery service of their duties as bravely expressed by the earlier writer.

The lizard says he is more disgusted at not the one that struck him with the stone but rather, the one saying the aiming was perfect.. The MP will find your attempted defence more offensive than the initial allegation by Adofo. You seem to escalate the issue, the more you do so, the dirtier it gets and the less favourable the chances of your brother or friend getting re-elected. For your information, there are many competent guys out there to take him on for the position so watch out.

Until when will Kumawu Constituency be allowed to run by incompetent people? Was he not the very one who continually blamed Hon. R.A. Basoah for non-performance? Does one then expect him to perform better, same as, or worse than his predecessor? What is on the ground speaks for itself. Be your own judge, the twisted minds.

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