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Opinions of Saturday, 24 April 2010

Columnist: Agbenyo John Stephen

Recipe for destroying a broadband service in a country

Acquire the largest broadband
service in the country

extend the service to the remote places and don’t improve the service
where there is. To make sure the country would not enjoy the
development of ICT.

Pretend you have new packages for the subscribers each month and so increase the

sure the packages bear different names but have the same content. For
instance convince many subscribers to pay for a download speed of 1000
KB (around 230GHC) and continue to give them the same 20 KB at best or
the usual 6 KB as for everybody. And assume they don’t know how to use to measure the bandwidth.

Make it very
difficult for a subscriber who discovers that there is no difference
between the packages to downgrade and pay less for the same service he
was paying more for.

When the users complain about the slow
speed of the Internet, tell them you are resolving a technical problem
and that you are sorry about that and do nothing to change the
situation. Teach your employees to be arrogant with customers about it.

In case they insist for a good service, erect an Internet Café
in your premises and use in it all the bandwidth you are supposed to
give to the subscribers. Remember “No Community Outreach Program”:
Concentrate and keep all the speed and stability of the connection in
your premises!

Tell them you have the fastest Internet Café in Africa and increase the rate of the
browsing time.

to give a very bad service to all subscribers in the offices, homes,
Internet Cafés, schools. Be the service Provider who is at the same
time the strongest competitor Retailer.

Compel them to go to
your “Fastest Internet Café in Africa” to do their works and so you get
money from their subscription and also from your “Fast Internet in
Africa”. But don’t let them know you are giving them the “slowest
Internet subscription in Africa” and the more expensive in Africa.
Don’t let them know that other Internet Service Providers (ISP) in
other parts of Africa are slashing down half of their subscription
rates and improving the broadband service to give more access to the
Internet to these communities.

For all the time they don’t have the Internet at all, let them still pay and
don’t compensate them.

sure the small Internet Cafés and Telecenters have a very bad Internet
service so that no one goes there and soon close. And thus you create
unemployment and no dissemination of ICT knowledge through these means
for poor people and students, at least paralyzing a whole nation.

to enjoy the monopoly and make sure you do whatever you want with
subscribers since no other communication company is innovative enough
to fill the gap and since the customers don’t have yet a strong
association to claim their rights, enjoy and bully them.

your focus on selling mobile phones, accessories and talk time because
the profit is bigger there. Advertise a lot your mobile phones to let
people buy and think your brand’s mobile phones and forget about the
broadband Internet.

From time to time pretend you give a
fraction of your profit for social responsibility by running a contest
for website developers to advertise yourself. Yes, some peanuts here
and there so that you may fearlessly continue to increase the digital
divide in/of the country.


"The future belongs to the countries whose people make the most productive use of
information,knowledge and technology - these are now the key factors for economic
success,not natural resources"

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