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Opinions of Thursday, 24 January 2019

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

Rebuttal: Vulgar wedding lands Hopeson Adorye in hell

Hopeson Adorye and Wife, Gifty Adorye Hopeson Adorye and Wife, Gifty Adorye

Hell is the portion of political prostitutes that push the agenda of criminals and imbeciles with no focus on anything, but wanting to bang everything! Hell is the portion of all those who wish the downfall of others for no reason than jealousy, envy, and an empty eye for their spoils!!

Hell is the portion of cryptomaniacs who find glory in the destruction of others by the manipulation of a few cretins in enemy media to execute smear campaigns for their esoteric causes!!! But they shall be exposed….and the betrayer “Eric” will also be exposed!!!!

Regarding the nauseating droppings from the bowels of “the Informer”, I want to correct their jaundiced malignance by stating that the wedding of Hopeson Adorye was actually free. Yes FREE! In fact, his friends love him a lot, and those who could afford it treated him to a wedding that all enjoyed, which of course the NDC zombies were not invited to.

After all, people of the informer and other beastie monsters are not human enough to understand what friendship is all about, and how to enjoy posh events. Maybe they cannot tell when to wear “chalewote” and when to wear “afromoses”, especially that they are disgraceful so much so that they mix rice, beef and salad, with custard, cake, and moose!

Hopeson could not have stolen government money because the VIP was ill-funded and fiscally tight. Besides, Hopeson Adorye did not have any control over finances or bank accounts pertaining to the VIP, if any such exist at all!

Oh well, what can we say, they can go to hell for all anyone cares!

On the issue of the much-touted sacking, let me disappoint the liars of “the informer”, “the finder” and others that Hopeson Adorye was not sacked. The fact of the matter is that management of the VIP at the airport is the sole preserve of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For political expediency, though, the past NDC governments appointed a deputy National Security Coordinator to man the place.

Then with the disgraceful sacking of the NDC by the NPP, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo appointed Hopeson Adorye, temporarily, to manage the VIP. However, since the commissioning of the new Terminal 3, all were notified of the impending take over by Foreign Affairs. What is so wrong with that?

Pending re-appointment to a better position, there is no letter of dismissal or sacking. The informer, the Herald, and others better gird their loins for what they are about to be slapped with. I challenge them to bring any letter that spells the anger of the President over a non-issue such as the nuptial engagement of two people who fell in love and could not wait to be married.

As to Hopeson Adorye’s integrity, the idiots of the NDC have on many occasions tried to induce him into playing ball, but he refused them. In fact, Hopeson once threw a former NDC Deputy Minister out of the VIP for flouting rules of decorum. I applauded him for that because the NPP is about serious business not flying guinea fowls across the border.

Lastly, the wedding had the blessings of all. Why not, when this “vulgar wedding” as described by the toilet paper, “the informer”, caused almost one thousand repentant souls to cross carpet from the NDC to the NPP. Luckily, of the NDC women, Empress Gifty Oppong Adorye was among the few beautiful and sensible who have style and swag!

I advise my NPP brothers, widowed or divorced, to swallow the bitter pill and marry some of the obnoxious women of the NDC. It is cause for martyrdom to have to put up with these bottom twerking dunderheads, but it is all for the general good. At least we will have hundreds cross carpet to the NPP thereby redeeming their souls. Who knows, they may bring forth a crop of future leaders who will not be notorious for their baloney and buffoonery like the general secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Ntetia!

So, yes Hopeson Adorye married Empress Gifty, and yes the wedding was a great one. It was not funded with any stolen money from the airport VIP, but rather by the benevolence of his friends who showed him as much love as he has shown Mrs Gifty Adorye!

Congratulations to the couple!