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Opinions of Saturday, 5 October 2013

Columnist: Anum, Tony

Re: Seek not to Insult my Intelligence

When I saw the article titled “Seek not to Insult my Intelligence” here on Ghanaweb, Rockson Adofo did not even come into mind as the possible author. I know the kind of junk that guy writes. But when I noticed he is the author, I decided to read through the piece. He insults people’s intelligence on daily basis; I could not fathom why he thinks people should not do same to him. Then I noticed the self-demeaning nature of this old man.
Mr Adofo claimed: “Having resided and continue to reside among the more intelligent White race for over three decades, would I not be intelligent enough to make certain informed decisions by myself?” That is where I have a problem with Mr Adofo.
On Sunday, September 08, 2013, an article attributed to Rockson Adofo titled “The Only Way Forward for the NPP to….” was posted on ghanaweb. In that particular piece, Mr. Adofo called on the NPP to become a violent party claiming when you refuse to become a beast when everyone else is becoming a beast, you would be eaten up later. According to Mr. Adofo, “…NPP and all discerning Ghanaians [must] shed their well-known character of malleability [and] assume that of uncompromising militancy”.
Then I noticed that it is not all old men that are actually wise. I find Mr. Adofo’s comments quite irrational! I am at a loss as to why any DISCERNING GHANAIAN would support this arbitrary call for violence; especially as it is coming from someone who claims to be residing outside Ghana. Mr. Adofo, with his “White man intelligence”, wants us to believe, for instance, that the violence that resulted in the death of thousands of people in Ivory Coast when Gbagbo refused to accept defeat is something worth emulating in Ghana? Wow! This is the character who claim we should not insult his intelligence?
When I went through some of his earlier articles, I found out Mr. Adofo’s writings are very worrisome. For example; Mr. Adofo, while insulting the intelligence of the justices of the Supreme Court because of their recent ruling in the election petition, poured his frustration on the whole black race asking rather stupidly: “Can a Blackman be fully trusted to do anything sensible in this planetary world that we live in?”
In another piece, he boasted about how his daughter asked him why Ghanaians did not invite White judges to come and deal with the election petition. In the 21st century free world, here comes a self-acclaimed intelligent old-man who claims he is “no longer under the shackles of physical or mental slavery”, yet believes it is only the white man who is good at doing everything? This is the “Methuselah” who is now here today bursting that we should not insult his intelligence?
Is Rockson Adofo writing all of that junk because he wants the White race to now look at him like an actual white person, or he is writing all that nonsense because he wants black people to perceive him as some sort of a “super-Blackman”?
How self-demeaning can any human be? Obviously, Mr. Adofo, being a Blackman, doubts his own ability to do ANYTHING sensible, which I think includes writing articles. He should therefore spare us his “non-sensible articles”.
If he feels people want to insult his intelligence, he can stop displaying his unintelligence here. For how long are we going to allow hypocrites, cowards, nation-wreckers and demagogues like this Rockson Adofo guy to continue brainwashing the average Ghanaian? Shame on you ROCKSON ADOFO, shame on you!

Tony Anum
Communication Design II
KNUST, Kumasi
October 4, 2013