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Opinions of Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Columnist: Seshie-Vanderpuije, Alex

Re: President Mahama Must Give Up His Houses

Rejoinder: President Mahama Must Give Up His Houses in the UK

We are writing in response to an article which was published on Ghana web on 5th November 2012 captioned "President Mahama Must Give Up His Houses In the UK"

The writer makes the reader to believe that the article was a report based on a said fund raising function event that took place at a location in South West London by a so called UK based NGO, Ghanaian Women against Poverty and Disease.

The article reports that the Chairperson of the so called NGO, Mrs Sandra Alhassan, during a so called fund raising event at the location in South West London, alleged that the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has authorised for himself a huge amount of money as salary payment to himself.

In the same article, it is also alleged that President Mahama has bought three houses at various locations across London.

In the first instance, we wish to inform readers that the contents of this article are false and intentionally fabricated by elements within the opposition party in the UK to embarrass, defame and slander the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Secondly, our investigations at the Charity Commission in the UK revealed that no such Ghanaian organisation operates in the UK.

Thirdly, we wish to inform readers that the President has not authorised for himself the payment of huge amount of salary increase for himself or his cabinet as the president does not sit on the salary committee. It is on record that Parliament before going on recess approved salary increments for the president and members of the august house. It is also on record that the President has called for the review of the upward adjustment of his salary.

Fourthly, we can also confirm on authority that President Mahama has not got a house in the UK, let alone three houses as alleged in the said article.

This article is consistent with previous ones written by the same elements within the opposition groupings in the UK whose principal intentions are to hide behind the internet, face book and other social fora to circulate false claims and unsubstantiated allegations against President Mahama and his party officials on visit to the UK.

What is interesting about this article is that the source of the article has an incomplete address; it does not provide door numbers or post codes for any investigator to verify the authenticity of the allegations made in the story. The article is written in a reported speech and the author is the same person supposedly addressing the gathering. What a barmy!!

We are certain the net is getting tighter and tighter on those perceived to be behind these malicious writings. Soon time will catch up with them. They can continue to throw all types of mud at the President but he will not be detracted from his chosen cause to better the lives of Ghanaians. The records of improvements in the social well being of Ghanaians, better and quality education are there for all to see.

Those miscreants ,Peter and company, can continue their mischief and hanky-panky politics; but we can assure them that barring an earthquake, President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC would be retained in power in December.

Alex Seshie-Vanderpuije

Public Relations Officer

NDC UK & Ireland Chapter