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Opinions of Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Re: Petitioners deserve no applauds ....

Re: Petitioners deserve no applauds for going to court - Kofi Adams

A publication on Ghanaweb under its General News of Friday, 19 July 2013 titled, "Petitioners deserve no applauds for going to court - Kofi Adams", should not be allowed unhindered passage without a rebuttal.

? Kofi Adams, a reinstated bigoted NDC Deputy General Secretary is exhibiting his usual infantile machismo. Was he not the one who unilaterally caused the arrest, imprisonment and prosecution of one Nana Darkwah who alleged that Rawlings had set fire to his own official residence? Without the permission of Rawlings, Kofi Adams, ignorant and eager to be a centre of attraction as he has always aspired to, acted. The case was in the end thrown out of court for being frivolous and vexatious.

? He is again behaving irresponsibly in a bid to prove to John Mahama that he is a prodigal son who deserves mercy and a position in the dying Mahama government. He says, "I find it strange and laughable when people say the petitioners should be applauded for going to court because I think they had no option. Did the petitioners have any army to go to war or fight the government? What they had is the court so people should stop praising the petitioners for the decision".

? He is of similar obstinate and stupid view as expressed by that ex-convict, Stephen Atugiba. Kofi Adams opines that nothing will change after the verdict of the Supreme Court because the country has a government and things are moving on smoothly.

? Everybody hoot at Kofi Adams and say, "Kofi, you a little-minded fucker". Let me tutor this young man who is decidedly portraying his youthful exuberance in a very bad manner, for free. Nevertheless, all readers must at this point show their disapproval of his stinking views by booing him. ? The NPP did not need a standing army to go to war if they had chosen the path of war. People’s power and resolve to overturn the results through agitation could be as equally an effective weapon as the government army ready to fight them.

? Furthermore, be mindful that it is not everybody in the army or the national security force that is fully a sympathiser of the NDC and John Mahama. There are as many NPP supporters in the forces as there are NDC. They have all kept silence until now because they are being very professional but if there had been a war as Kofi Adams is teasingly stating, the division within the forces to take sides would have been horrible. He is too naïve, green so to speak, not to know this.

? I will advise him to read about how the "Arab Spring" and the other numerous Freedom Fighters or guerrilla warfare started. None had a standing army but as soon as that idea is mooted, things happen naturally instantaneously to fall in place with the organisers’ vision, giving whichever support is needed to ensure the success of the plan. With sustained perseverance, the unexpected happens to kick out their target, be he/she a leader or a government.

? Kofi Adams should please familiarise himself with the events currently taking place in Egypt. Citizens without arms were able to stand up against Hosni Mubarak, then sitting President and his army. He was overthrown and is now lingering in prison. The same unarmed citizens stood up against the army and prevailed; forcing the army to quickly hand over the reins of government to the civilians. The same unarmed people rose up against President Morse and got rid of him. He is now on arrest in an unknown location. The same unarmed persons, now the supporters of ex-President Morse, have risen against the army and the current transitional puppet government in place. Has Kofi Adams seen how people’s resolve to bring about changes even at the cost of their lives can be, with or without arms?

? Do I have to waste time on this political greenhorn? It is only in the lawless NDC party and government that he can have a platform with a red carpet rolled out to him to air such silly views.

Should he not be cited for contempt of court for saying that nothing will happen after the Supreme Court declaring their verdict? The government will still be in place to run smoothly their programme in place. Is he pre-empting the Supreme Court verdict in favour of John Mahama? If not, how would he say the government (the NDC government) will still be in place? The Mahama NDC GOVERNMENT WILL COLLAPSE IF THE VERDICT IS PRONOUNCED AGAINST HIM and it shall.

? I should rather spend my little precious time on other better things than on this NDC fanatic struggling for recognition in the party after been pushed into years of oblivion by Johnson Asiedu Nketiah. Kofi Adams should grow up. He will soon find himself and his President in opposition by the grace of God. He had better read the revelations of God to Kofi Basoah in a dream of which I have given extensive publicity.

The leadership of the NPP deserves rounds of applause and standing ovation for choosing the path of peace and justice, going to court, rather than the path of war that could have taken the life of Kofi Adams away. The world would never have known the extent to which the Electoral Commission colluded with the NDC and John Mahama to rig the election if Nana Akufo Addo had ordered his supporters to fight physically for their right and justice. However as wise, dedicated and matured in politics as he is, he chose the path of justice and peace. He trusted God to fight the battle of justice for NPP, all discerning Ghanaians and him. Now, we are seeing the results of his judicious means to wrestle his stolen presidency from the "Ede bii keke" thieves. The whole world has witnessed how dubiously Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan assisted the NDC and John Mahama to rig Election 2012.

? I dedicate this publication to Mr Appiah-Kubi, the younger brother of Dr Kwabena Duffour.

? Rockson Adofo