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Opinions of Thursday, 10 February 2011

Columnist: Noko Bi

Re: '“Osagyefo Dr.” Hosni Mubarak'

Feature Article, by Noko Bi
7th February, 2011

Okoampa, it is unbelievable the level to which your delusion of grandeur and
pathological hatred of, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the greatest African leader of our
times can go. But to think that you have extended that hatred to his
children who have done nothing to you is a shame and all decent people in
Ghana and around the world will not stand there and allow you to propagate
your misguided trash against Gamel Nkrumah without a comment. As the saying
goes 'if you want to know your ancestral history, go and beat an old lady's
child.' Read what The Odikro has posted today on your tripe. You are
assured, as usual, that you will learn a lot of lesson from it.

Your problem is that you consistently fail to appreciate that nobody knows
or cares about your great-uncle, J. B. Danquah, whereas Kwame Nkrumah is
known to the world for what he achieved in his life time and what his
powerful ideas still mean not only to Ghana but Africa and all black people.
You may hate to hear that but it is the fact. You can try to distort that
fact and hide it but it will show up everywhere you run and hide. You cannot
run from history; you should know that at his stage in your education.

Your unnecessay attack on Gamel Nkrumah and your rather cowardice attempts
to avoid listening to him will not change anyhting. God blessed Kwame
Nkrumah and his family; a mere mortal like you have absolutely no say in it
even though, for some strange reason, you obviously believe you can take
that away from him. Gamel does not need neo-colonialist puppets like you to
make a point in this world and as you have found out at your own cost, the
world does not need you or your permission to decide who Kwame Nkrumah was.
The world has recognised him and his work in Ghana and in the liberation of
Africa and will continue to do so despite your hateful confused ideas and
misguided attempts to rewrite the history of the liberation of Ghana. You
can try but it will not wash because as you can see, Nkrumahism is much
bigger and more durable than you can begin to imagine and we will continue
to tell the truth as it was for the world to judge for themselves despite
your falsehood.

You talk about not being prepared to listen to scholars in your college who
could not speak any major Ghanaian language trying to talk about Ghanaians
history? Really Mr Professor? What a shame! And we thought you are someone
that values freedom of expression? So that does not matter so long as it is
you on the receiving end? Tell us, Mr Professor, when did it became a
requirement for anyone to speak the language of a people before he could
speak about historical facts about such people? You see how your
pathological hatred of Kwame Nkrumah has affected your judgement and how you
keep disgracing yourelf in public? For someone that calls himself a
professor, you do not cease to amaze the way you apply your myopic views and
selected memory when it comes to what you consider important in academia.

The people of Egypt will be free just as Kwame Nkrumah said Ghana and
Africa, including Egypt, would be free. That freedom did not end with
independence. We are still fighting for that freedom for Africa despite
entrenched traitors and neo-colonialists reactionaries like you. Gamel
Nkrumah, being a Pan-Africanist like his father, has the right to fight for
the interest of the African people and for that matter, the interest of the
Egyptian people. But we are not surprised on which side a neo-colonial
puppet like you stand when it comes to what is going on in Egypt, Ivory
Coast and Tunisia. You could not even hide your contempt and that of your
Danquah-Busia-Dombo, traitors' party now called NPP in the continental
African agenda, which is political and economic liberation and unity. That
is the issue that is playing itself out right in the face of the world in
Egypt and that was what Gamel Nkrumah was talking about, even though not in
so many words. No amount of your hatred of him and distortion of his message
will ever drum out that.

Mubarak is a puppet as they come and in that sense, he epitomises the kind
of African dictator used by others to suppress his own people's wishes so
long as the aims of his masters are attained. On that basis, Kwame Nkrumah
and Mubarak are like chalk and cheese. Mubarak is like Mobutu of Congo,
while Nkrumah was like Nasser. Surely you could not be that blind by hatred
that you would choose not to see that? In fact, the NDP in Egypt does
exactly the same job as the NPP does in Ghana and in that sense, Mubarak is
exactly like Nana Akufo Addo, your leader, a puppet on the string just as
all your so-called Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition has always been.

You talk of Kwame Nkrumah forming a one-party state? What do you expect when
your Mate Meho decleared war on the state of Ghana and went about throwing
bombs instead of doing politics by votes? Of course the fact that your UP
(NPP) could not win votes against the CPP is on record but, as usual, in
your misguided drive to rewrite history, you either tell half truths on this
issue or lie. But you are not the only person in Ghana, even though from
your warped writings, it is difficult not to think so.

Your nation wrecking Mate Meho stood against the liberation of Ghana and
Nkrumah said not on his dead body. Now you want us to forget all that and
recognise Danquah, the leader of them, as what? Why should we recognise your
clueless great-uncle who sat there pussyfooting until the Show-Boy came and
run rings around him and his colonial masters? Was that an achievement to
write home about, Mr Professor? You should be blaming Danquah for being so
confused and misguided, just as you are doing regarding Egypt and as has
been demonstrated by your NPP's neocolonial position on the Ivory Coast
crisis. Anyhting, but for the interest of the African peoples. Traitors!

You may try to divert the perverted attempt of the NPP to be traitors
against the African peoples but intelligent people do not need your kind to
explain yourself. They can see the NPP for what it is. The NPP are not
interested in democracy; what they are interested in, is always the power of
their so-called wealthy few and if that means selling the rights of the
people, so be it! Look at it. In Ghana, they left the democratic
dispensation after they could not win votes at the polls even when Nkrumah
was in prison and their own friends were in charge and supported them with
all they need. Despite the clear rejection of them by the good people of
Ghana, they thought they could win and every time they lost they asked for
another election one after the other; but they lost all. Instead of staying
and fighting through the democracy they claimed they believed in, they opted
for throwing bombs. In Ivory Coast, they advocate violence against the
Ivorian people rather than dialogue while in South Africa, they choose
dialogue with the racist minority white government that enslaved the blacks.
Now, in Egypt you are blaming Gamel Nkrumah for calling for the wishes of
the people to prevail against the puppet president that had been in power
for 30years? When one looks at all these state of affairs, the common
factors are just three: African liberation fighters, reactionary
neo-colonial forces and imperialists.

In Ghana, Ivory Coast and Egypt you and your NPP represent the neo-colonial
reactionary forces that do the dirty job of your imperialist masters and you
know the CPP and Gamel Nkrumah represent the liberation forces. So it is
clear that Nana Akufo Addo, Ouattara and Mubarak are in the same team and
that team, is the neo-colonialists traitors' team and it is very clear that
that team excludes Kwame Nkrumah and Gamel Nkrumah no matter how you try to
destroy the messenger because you cannot deal with the message. You see! You
cannot pull the wool over the eyes of the people, even though, that is what
you think you can do.

If your great-uncle, J. B. Danquah, had done his job effectively instead of
playing games with his oppressors or even lowered himself from his high
horse and listened to Kwame Nkrumah's sound advice (which was what worked),
the UGCC would have been intact and maybe there would not have been Nkrumah
as the leader of Ghana and African Liberation.

Oh, I am sorry, I meant Ghana. We all know that African Liberation was never
part of the objectives of imperialist puppets like your great-uncle and it
is clear from your writings that you are just like him. For J. B. Danquah to
claim that South Africa in the 1950s, was a free country on the African
continent when at that time, his own black people were enslaved by the
minority whites in that country, shows how deeply neo-colonial and an
imperialist puppet he was, clearly pathetically, western!

You can try as desperate as you can to soil Nkrumah's name and his
achievements but you can never change the history of the Liberation of
Africa and the people that matter in that struggle. Shame that your
so-called doyen did not really show. Kwame Nkrumah was the clear leader and
J. B. Danquah, if anything, was as confused just as you are right now. No
doubt nobody voted for him in Ghana to get into parliament. But you would
not be seen dead writing about that; would you? Ghanaians were not as
confused as him and you can bet your last pesewa that they are still not.

Your problem is not Kwame Nkrumah and his family; your problem is your own
great-uncle, J. B. Danquah. It was he who lost the plot. Your inferiority
complex is his making. No amount of reaction formation on your part will
change that. Leave Gamel Nkrumah alone!