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Opinions of Friday, 9 September 2011

Columnist: Suraj, Ali

Re: Nana Addo has committed haram?

The NDC must stop playing politics with Islam. Using terms like haram for cheap political gain is not good for the practice of Islam. There are devout muslims in NPP who were present during the event.The chief Imam’s representative gave the prayer. Is this writer saying he knows the holy Koran more than the muslim faithfuls in NPP who were at the event? The person who posted this article is unfair to say Nana Addo has attacked muslims in Ghana during the eid celebration. The writer may not be a muslim and does not understand what is being said, Let me just tell you this: if Allah has destined something to happen, it will happen. Nana Addo will become the next president of Ghana because Prophet muhammed (SAW) said: the truth has come before a lie and because of this the truth will always be the truth, no matter what the lie may be. So now you see what our prophet has said, so this advice goes to all of you that have negative thoughts, I want you to read what prophet(SAW) has said, so that you will learn something. Religion and politics are two different things, so instead of trying to figure a way to spoil the NPP party try todo something more productive rather than trying to make yourself look good. The NPP is much more concerned about the people of Ghana, someone who has a conscience for his people, someone who highly respects the national chief imam of Ghana and if someone highly respects the chief imam would never do those kind of things.

Concerned muslim brother!

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