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Opinions of Monday, 2 June 2014

Columnist: Kastah, Frank Njefeni

The leadership of Kpandai must make dev't their priority

The new Kpandai was carved out of the East Gonja District the capital town of Salaga in the 2007.The creators of Kpandai district had in mind nothing but to bring development to the door steps of the people. Until the creation of Kpandai district, the level of depravity was enormous and unimaginable. The area was totally neglected when it was under East Gonja district. It was therefore with great relief, joy, and pageantry when Kpandai and its surrounding areas were given a district. This joy is short lived as the DCE for the area honorable Jasper Jato Moin who was appointed by the late professor Mills and retained by President John Dramani Mahama after 2012 elections is failing the people of the area. For the past six (6) years, honorable Moe has being and is still the D.C.E for Kpandai.
I read an article by one Njochala Nicodemos which was quite revealing.Nicodemos has being able to establish how the former MP honorable Likpalmo deliberately wasted the time of the people of Kpandai for being in parliament for twenty years with no record to show. The least said about honorable Likpalmo the better.
Today I write to draw the attention of people of Kpandai about the current D.C.E honorable Moin and the current MP honorable Mathew. As the people of Kpandai cry for development the current D.C.E. and MP out of ego and insensitivity to the feelings of the people and the need for development, do not see eye to eye with each other and so what this means is that, development is stalled, no progress, as the two gentle men fight over who is who to the neglect of development. The people of the area of Kpandai are therefore tired and sick as the situation has now being reduced to ‘when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers’.
Kpandai district assembly obtained a grader at the tax payer expense. The grader was designed to open up the place by creating feeder roads. Ask me where is the grader? The DCE Honorable Moin has been accused of renting out the grader without any accountability. During assembly sessions the DCE struggles to pin point exactly the whereabouts of the grader much less talk about how much it has generated for the Kpandai District Assembly.
In fact it appears the stay of the DCE in office has not brought about any reward for the area. The DCE is highly inaccessible to the people. As if that is not enough, workers of the Kpandai district assembly are disillusioned due to the ‘reign of terror’ the DCE has introduced in running the affairs of the Kpandai district assembly.
Honorable Mathew (MP) on the other hand is a direct replica of Honorable Likpalmo. For the two years that he has been in parliament, he could not for once articulate the views of the area on the floor of parliament. The same thing Likpalmo did and frustrated the people of Kpandai and managed to get away with it .To you Honorable Mathew we shall never allow you to do same to the people of Kpandai and the area. We want to draw your attention that enough is enough.
My last word to the DCE and the MP of the Kpandai area is that they should swallow their pride and be in good working relationship as that will bring development to the area and the people. We also want to appeal to the DCE that the grader be used for the development of Kpandai.
We the people of Kpandai are actually at cross roads. We either choose development or allow selfish leadership to take the better part of our society. But we are sounding the death knell to all who want to be leaders of our lovely Kpandai society. Either you go with development or you choose the path of self seeking attitude. We are prepared to be on the roof tops and shout to the entire world by exposing all the rot, corruption and nepotism in Kpandai for the betterment of all.
No one can take the people of Kpandai for a ride any longer. The dark days where some will be MPs for twenty good years are gone and buried forever. What we stand for now is unity and development with vision powered leaders. Anything short of this is uncalled for and will be challenged with all the might we the people of Kpandai will must!
The MP should be heard more on the floor of parliament presenting the problems and achievements of the Kpandai area and also help in framing good laws for the country at large.

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