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Opinions of Saturday, 12 November 2016

Columnist: Abdullah, Abdullah

Re: Change is coming; Trump has prepared the way – NPP

Show me your “Role Model” and I will show you your character.
Ghanaian especially ZONGO PEOPLE DO NOT BE DECIEVED. “By their fruits you will know them”
I quote here below the words of Nana Akomea, 11 November 2016, with the above heading, he said, that change was coming to Ghana just as Trump has prepared the way: Trump. Really? They are proud of Trump? And happy to be identified with him?
“The Director of Communications of the party, Nana Akomea, told The Chronicle yesterday that the fact that Donald Trump defied all odds to win the elections shows that the people of American wanted change, and this is what would happen in Ghana as well”.

Little wonder. Trump won with a message of lies, hatred, vindictiveness and discrimination to women, Latinos and MUSLIMS (emphasis mine). We have three personalities, one which we believe we are, one which people think we are and one we really are. Bad people will suppress what they really are but God being so good, makes them forget themselves and their own words or actions betray them. You see, we now know the real character of the NPP, hatred, vindictiveness, discrimination and lies. We were giving them the benefit of the doubt but now, Trump their trail blazer has revealed their true colours. Ghanaians be warned.

Truly the English people say “show me your friend and I will show you your character”. There be could nothing as revealing to the nature of the NPP and their leadership like this statement “from the horses own mouth”. If we had said and we have said before, that the NPP is full of hatred, within and without, they would say it is false. Not only are they full of hatred, discrimination and vindictiveness, they are full of lies in the form of false accusations about Mahama; they are also full of false promises. They have no respect for woman and insult them – Remember what they said about Charlotte Osei, Do you compare that with what Trump said about many women? Ghanaians be warned.

My word of advice to my brothers in the Zongos. During the 1969 elections the Zongo people were happy to vote for Busia. After that they were thrown out ruthlessly as aliens. Not even foreigners, but they called them aliens as if from another planet. You were conned then, be savvy now or you’ll have no excuses. Fool you once, they were stupid, fool you twice you are stupid. Is it not said that once bitten twice shy? So do not be deceived twice by voting for the NPP. You have been warned! Do not say after the elections “How could I have been so stupid”
Do you know why Trump won, he promised to remove all non-documented people from US. Sounds familiar? 1969 Aliens Compliance order when these same people removed you mercilessly from Ghana with the pretext that you were not Ghanaians. You had to sell your houses for peanuts because you had to leave. Some of you had to leave your children behind and families were torn apart, you sold most of your properties for peanuts and many might have suffered sickness on the way “back”. Some probably had heart attacks, and some failed to resettle in their new ”countries” because Ghana was their real home. Will you then buy the lies they are feeding you now through Bawumia? Bawumia who in his desperation even did not respect the sanctity of the Mosque, and wanted to use the Mosque as a campaign ground?. Wanting to talk after the Khutba?. Which Islam says you can make a speech after the khutba? Real sign of desperation! But my friends do not be deceived. Do not fall for their propaganda. They are wolf in sheep skin! Do not say after the elections “How could I have been so stupid”

Do you remember Yen Akanfo – Did you hear no one should rule Ghana except those from the rich areas, Do you see the comparison with the Trump birther issue? Mahama is chopping your money remove him. Clinton is a crook and do not vote for her. This is how they- operate character assassination.

God be with Mahama. False Prophets, we do not claim, Fake Mallams we do not claim, we do not even claim to be pious, but we pray to the true Allah and we have every hope he’ll listen to us IF Ghanaians deserve something good from this election.