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Opinions of Thursday, 3 March 2011

Columnist: Noko Bi

Re: '“All-Die-Be-Die” Clarion Bests .....

Re: '“All-Die-Be-Die” Clarion Bests Mills’ State-of-the-Nation Address', by Noko Bi.

A Rejoinder to: '“All-Die-Be-Die” Clarion Bests Mills’ State-of-the-Nation Address', Part 1, by Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame, Feature Article of Sunday, 27 February 2011

The problem in this world is that profoundly ignorant people like Okoampa, are so full of themselves that they have no idea that they are ignorant. It is madness.

It is surprising that the NPP seems not to realise the damage Okoampa's misguided ignorant writing is doing to the prospects of Nana Akufo Addo ever becoming president of this nation.

Could you imagine that with all the intelligent people we have in the north, this self-glorified college professor had the temerity to think that he and his kind are the only people entitled to rule this country and that others must be totally denied just because of where they originated?

And the funny thing is that he could write such crass articles without blinking an eyelid? That shows you the level of his delusion of grandeur and it makes one wonder why the NPP cannot realise that he is more of a hindrance to their aims than help.

No doubt they kicked him out of the party's US branch. At least those near him in the US know him and they do not want his crap. The problem is, how long would it take for the penny to drop at home?

Poor Nana! Doesn't he know Ghanaians are forgiving and all they want is for him to say, 'sorry?' Okoampa is a problem for him and the earlier he tells him to cool it, the better it will be for him. Ghanaians are not as stupid as Okoampa might think, though with his delusion of self-importance, how could one expect him to realise that?

If Okoampa is smart as he pretends to be, why would he continue to behave like a bull in a Chinese shop? Don't they say 'you do not hit a person on the head if your finger is in their mouth?' Or that 'if you have cotton-wool up your arse, it is unwise to keep jumping over naked frame?'

Nana needs Ghanaians to vote for him to be president. He can never be president on the backs of only NPP votes from the Eastern Region and Ashanit Region. Surely Nana and his minders should know that. How could he expect people he has insulted and wants to go to war against to vote for him? This is a principle of simple natural justice. You cannot force people to vote for you even if you have three heads. What you need is to persuade them and you cannot persuade people you want to wage war against to vote you for you to rule them. Surely this cannot be that hard to figure out? It does not require rocket science to know this.

What does it cost to say 'sorry?' At least it will make people know that Nana is human and more important, respects the people of this country and has the interest of all ethnic groups at heart, not only the Akan.

What Ghanaians hate is 'patapaa' and unnecessary 'takashi,' but that is exactly what the likes of Okoampa are doing and advising Nana to keep doing. What is wrong, is wrong, no matter how one tries to say it is right and Nana's 'All-Die-Be-Die' slogan and Non-Akan-on-Akan gaff are wrong and he should apologise. NPP will lose huge political capital as a result no matter how deep, people like Okoampa keep their heads in the sand. Waa look!