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Opinions of Monday, 30 January 2017

Columnist: Kofta

Who sacked EOCO boss ?

Justice Tsar was appointed acting Executive Director of EOCO in June 2016. Justice Tsar was appointed acting Executive Director of EOCO in June 2016.

By Kofta D

My attention has been drawn to an article published on your outlet with the heading “ EOCO boss Justice Tsar sacked” dated Sat, 28 Jan 2017 and, the information was said to have been gathered by Starr FM online.

The question now is, who sacked the EOCO boss?

The article made reference to the president of the republic of Ghana, Akufo-Addo as the one who dismissed the noble public servant.

However, as at the time of writing this article, there is no letter from the presidency implying that has been done.

This article is in no way seeking any form of publicity, neither is it a rebuttal to the earlier article but, one to seek answers and clarification on issues that are of high sensitivity but yet toyed with by very inexperienced people, who either lack information or are in a state of oblivion.

If indeed, the president sacked the EOCO boss and has not served him a letter then that will be very unprofessional of him taking into consideration the fact that he had campaigned on competence and bedevilled the immediate past government for their alleged incompetence.Is the media now the main channel to communicate information to public servants?

Is the government so incompetent that they rely on the media to do their bidding for them?

Could it also be that some people are smearing mud on the hardworking public servant, all because per their analysis anybody who held a public office during a previous government is no more competent and useful in a present one?
If indeed he is being sacked, on what grounds is he being sacked?
I hope in all honesty that his tribe is not a threat to the present government.

Lastly, whoever sacked the EOCO boss should own up so we know who is in charge, whether it is our president, the media or some faceless cowards trying to spread falsehood to smear mud on the hard earned reputation of Mr Justice Tsar.

If it is the president then he should do the honourable thing and let the astute public servant go in peace and not tarnish his image.

He had international offers but laid all down to serve his country and this is not a way heroes are rewarded.