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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.

Rawlings is not an enemy

I wish my able president will take this free advice in good faith. Am making it snappy for my gallant readers.

Your Excellency, you might not know this secret, but that is the fact on the ground. Founder-Rawlings hasn’t seen you as an enemy at all. Never I can confidently say. There are people in the party whose attitudes are forcing the man to do what he is unfortunately doing. It is unfortunate that Rawlings actions of late as far as the N D C is concern lives much to be desired but the only advice am giving to you is that you shouldn’t see him as an enemy at all. Consider him as your political god father because he has contributed in making you whom you are today. With the Golding wisdom going through your medulla oblongata, I don’t think you will agree to abandoned your father if he decide to do same as chairman Rawlings is doing. This is the time for you to show Rawlings true love and care, never attempt to abounding him and I hope that come 7th January 2013,after you have been sworn in, the first person you will respect, consult should be founder Rawlings. May Allah give you the heart?

Chairman Rawlings has one attitude that I like very much. He always comes out to voice whatever is worrying him for you to know but there are people around you{Mahama} who have never wish you become a president-there are the worst enemies, they will never talk for you to hear, they do as if they love you but they are the very people who can easily destroy you. So you have to take extra care in dealing with your people. Am not ready to mention names. These greedy peoples are mamarring and you will never hear it. Most of them think you came from nowhere that is what is paining them inside so watch your footsteps when walking with them. They are the very people who will come and tell you to abandoned Rawlings just to induce you for political appointment.

I nearly wept for Rawlings shortly after a meeting he held with the Ashanti regional executives of the N D C in his bid to influence them not to vote for then candidate Mills at the historic SUNYANI congress of which his wife was the only contender against late president Mills. The regional youth organizer Kwaku Boahen who disagreed with Rawlings became furious and his utterances after the meeting was very unpalatable-there I rhetorically ask a senior reporter –is this how Rawlings will end? He sorrowfully replied-Haruna we are all watching as things unfold.

Did I hear some of the greedy guys saying Rawlings should be expelled from the party? hahahaaaa. it will be a political suicide for the N D C .they should not there. They should rather spend time praying for the man for forming a party that they are enjoying today.

To Chairman Rawlings, treat us like your children just us we are treating you as a father. We love you so much and do not want to see you treat as this way.




writer: HARUNA SUMAILA ABUGRI 0247244879